Did anyone try the jet fule-G. From medmoma. NVR saw a review are anything on it


  • Definitely curious to hear people's thoughts on the Gelato Jet Fuel. Looked crazy good.

  • It's back for those who missed out.

  • See gel- jet fuel back up Sims to be the same batch as last time . Still thinking about it has to be somebady that orderd and can give a review

  • Yikes. Really interested in this. I think I remember being scared away by a comment about the bids being "soft' bit as we know that doesn't really mean jack shit

    Really hope someone can give a review on this 😊

  • Looks really nice . So does the new jack that was posted .

  • I would run this in my Jet Bike..... It is tasty with octane boost.

  • I rec'd organal jet fuel from this site about a yr ago. It was really similar to sour D . Very good smell and hevey sativa best IV had from site since 2013

  • To buy or not to buy that is the question πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • no kidding :joy:

  • And bought

  • Ordered 1/2 oz of Jetfuel got subbed but they put 2 samples of jetfuel in package. I ordered this the first day it was up the first time now it’s up again and got subbed wtf. The jetfuel sample was really good fuck a bunch of sub shit.

  • write "no subs', just sayin.. if they still subbed you and its still on the menu [and you wrote no subs] then i'd say that's pretty messed up

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    I write no subs every single time now. I want what I want and if I can't get it, I want to choose what I want instead.

    In fact, I started doing this when I was subbed indica vape carts for sativa ones and the sativa ones I ordered never went off the menu.

  • What can they then do if your choice is sold out? If there are no subs what happens?

  • They contact you and ask what you want instead I believe.

  • I think anytime a popular Premium strain stays up even 2 days you take a high risk of getting a substitute . The computer used to be very good about not letting this happen and when stock got to a certain amount it was atomiticley taken off . And never recd a sub now it's alot different getting sub alot and don't understand way when the strain shows still available days after you place ur order . Maybe medboy can tell us more .

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    I'm sure it is all about accurate inventory management and keeping it up to date. As soon as it gets off like it always does, you're at risk for selling more than you have.

  • Yeah, @Sixwaychili is right, it's hard to keep our inventory up to date, it's always subject to error. That's why the substitution rule is so important.

  • @medboy I'm a perishable buyer for a grocery store so I know allllllll about it. Too bad I didn't live nearby. I could help improve the process in exchange for company scrip. haha

  • Our inventory is perishable, too. Just slowly compared to your stuff, @Sixwaychili, and thank the good drug gods for that!

  • Omg have we still not heard from ANYONE who received the Gelato Jet Fuel??? Am I just dumb/not seeing it???

    I really would like a short review and accurate pic of this while it's still on the menu .. dang

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