Usually the package fits into the mailbox. But the ticket said no secure location available. Has this happened to anyone before? I could have had my premium fruit looops on Sat but now I have to wait till Monday to pick up my package at the post office! You guys think it is safe for me to pick it up? Don't want to walk into something if I can avoid it.....


  • What color was the ticket? Mine was green one time & I just went to the post office and got it.

  • Kinda pinkish I would say.

  • PS FORM 3849

  • Its just a redelivery notice. I think you're good. Online, it says you can either go pick it up or give delivery options for next time.

  • Cool, I will be picking up my ounce of premium fruit loops tomorrow then. Thx for your feedback. Any other feedback from other members would be most appreciated.

  • No problem! I love this community & service, gotta help each other out when we can!

  • I couldn't agree more.

  • I received the same 3849 ticket once before, when the mailman wouldn’t come to my door because the garage was open and he’s afraid of my dogs. I was able to just reschedule delivery. You should be good to go, no worries

  • Thanks Rubygirl18! I feel more comfortable now. Much appreciated.

  • Just in case...wear a disguise when you pick it up. LOL

  • I'll already have my face covered cause of the COVID. My cover will be blown once I have to show my ID to get the pkg. Damn IDs always ruining everything!

  • @BecauseIGotHigh how did it go bro

  • @BecauseIGotHigh what was the ticket did you get ur stuff

  • It was all good! Happy camper here!

  • I woulda been scared as shit walking in that PO lol!!

  • I prob woulda just said I’m sick can y’all redeliver lol!! They woulda seen me shaking and been like damn what’s he scared of lol

  • Yeah something similar has been happening to me with my latest order, but I didn't get any ticket. Just a notice on Informed Delivery. Still haven't gotten it as of today so called USPS. They gave me the option to either pick up today or get delivered tomm. Decided just to get it delivered next day. Though she did ask what was in the package. I just said that I wasn't sure as I often get surprise gifts and what not from business and clients so wasn't exactly sure what it could be, just that I see where I should have had a delivery.

  • @NOLA504 hey when i pick up stuff or call they always ask what may have been in there thats common atleast for me but i hope it works out

  • @MoonMan5 Good deal. Hopefully it shows up Friday. I just didn't want to go pick it up at the office after reading stuff on the board. Better safe than sorry.

    I am moving in about a month so hopefully the USPS in the new neighborhood is a bit better, certainly couldn't get worst than what I have now!

  • @NOLA504 wishing you good luck on your future USPS 'zone'. lol

    I live near Houston TX and just moved recently; my last address was similar to yours in regards to the fact that i would ALWAYS have issues. my favorite was the classic "delivered" notification, then freaking out when seeing nothing there, searching neighbors porches and frantically searching everywhere, only to see it delivered 3 hrs later or the next day. lots of trashcan type incidents with my mail.

    luckily, i don't seem to have any issues at this new address. knock on wood
    hope the same happens for you!!!

  • Thats just a normal pick up card so nothing to worry about. If the found any thing they would be sending you a contraband warning letter.

  • Thx for the 41-

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