thc coffee

can someone tell me when you will start selling thc coffee?


  • Thanks for your question, I'll pass it on to the shippers!

  • I would definitely be interested in getting some as well!

  • 100% down for some coffee. Maybe even a subscription model where they automatically send it every 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Great news everyone, Medicine Love is looking into it...

  • Yay! Super awesome to hear. šŸ˜

  • Any updates on this @medboy ?

  • Not yet. It's not as easy for our shippers to get requested products as you might think.

  • Any news on the possibility of the THC coffee?

  • It will likely take longer than a month or two. While it can be easier to get requested bud for obvious reasons, specific edibles and such can be harder to find.

  • They have them , $17 a piece seems kind a high for 25 mg? But nonetheless they have them.

    Wake Nā€™ Bake Coffee Pods!
    Each pod is compatible with the Keurig coffee system, or you can open the top and put it in a pour over. Comes with gourmet coffee from Venezuela and 25 mg THC. A great way to start the day pain free with lots of energy.

    5 pods ($85)
    10 pods ($150)

  • Saying the price is too high, is like saying paying $90 / gram for the full gram vapes is too much. We gotta look out for them cause they look out for us while risking their ass.

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  • Thanks for the feedback, I'll ask the shippers if they can find a less expensive source.

  • when I first saw this site. I did not trust it. been ripped off so much. I was proven wrong. thanks for being real. as someone on disability. it a little high. but I try to buy when I can.

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