OMG New Record Medmama Shipping Time!!!

The Weed Gods Have Smiled I placed my 1/2 oz of purple punch order 7:50 am wed Sep 2nd and I just went to check the mail to get a letter and there was this white box from Cali All the Way to NC and its a holiday no mail until Tuesday this is straight up rocking MedMama WOW!!!!!!!!


  • That is so cool!!!

  • @cmweems1964 did a label show up on id or did it just deliver

  • Same thing happened to me! Except It came too early. I’m out of town praying that no one steals my package.

  • nothing ever shows for me anymore for so long everytime never missed now i cant ever get a tracking ever.

  • @cmweems1964 really so yours use to show up on Id but now it doesnt do other things show up

  • 3 days?! Damn thats a new record for all of us I think. 4 days is my fastest with Loud.

  • up untill jan everything tracked perfect from creation to delivery march it started to be no label spotty tracking then I would say mid April done nothing since but everything else that comes my way usps tracks just like always.I have also reset my informed and that has not helped.

  • @cmweems1964 maybe thats what is happening to me now two orders no label and it was always how long did medboy take to answer you i wrote him about a payment confirmation been 24hrs

  • same day and he will not look up a order before two weeks. i just had a order from loud I paid got confirmation and nothing for two weeks I emailed him on the 14th day he looked up the order sent me a email saying for some reason it did not get processed and he would rush my order out Friday. I have had issues with 3 of my last 10 orders and all issues have been fixed one way or another.

  • MoonMan5 i have as of today 4 orders in from 1 day old to 15 days old I can say when there is no issues I always get my orders before 2 wks the only time I have not was when there was a issue.

  • @cmweems1964 thanks man i took screenshots of my cash app payments hoping he gets back to me soon on confirmation i know hes busy

  • remember they dont work on sat

  • And this is labor day weekend, so they may be taking extra days off.

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    I always order Weds mornings and have often gotten it Sat from MedMama. 'Course I live in a western state.

    Once I put in an order at 3:30am on a Weds. At 10am I went out to the store and there was a note from the front office on my door to come pick up my package. 😮 SAME DAY! I thought no way. But it was from here. Couldn't believe it. I opened it to find different stuff from what I ordered and the package was dated 10 days before and they had been holding it a few days. Lol Turns out it was sent in error, no idea why. Gave me quite a start though at first. MB tried to tell me it must have been a previous order lost in the mail but I only order once a month and follow the mail religiously. Had to be someone else's.

  • @JaymeeG must be your good MMJ karma for supporting us! :P

  • I ordered Thursday (9/3), and even though it's freakin labor day my order is already in my deep south state! My expected delivery date is 9/10, but more than likely will be tomorrow or wed. That's crazy fast shippin

  • It's a real roll of the dice these days. Some folks are getting lucky while others have been pretty unlucky. :neutral:

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    Just received my order today from 9/3!
    Sfv og crumble wax
    1/4 lemon pound cake
    1/4 sour cherry
    And a freebie sativa joint

    I'm currently buzzin on the wax. Great stuff!
    Thanks @medmama @medman @medboy

  • Just recieved today:
    Premium Punch Oz
    Quantum K Oz
    4g SFV shatter
    4g GMO Cookies shatter
    Reviews soon. Enjoying Quantum K at the moment😁

  • Just received my 1/2 of pound cake looks and smells amazing gonna try it after dinner ordered on the 1st from MM even got a nice fat preroll of mystery this time

    Thanks medboy and MM keep up the good work!

  • New customer here. Very satisfied with this sour cherry. I ordered on the 4th, got it today and I echo @cmweems1964 sentiment. I'm so glad I rolled the dice with this shit. Thank you very much @medmama @medman @medboy ! Here's to looking forward to the future! :mrgreen:

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