Dutch Hawaiian

Making a post where everyone can review this strain when/if they get it, just ordered an Oz myself.

Also I'd like to give a heartfelt thanks to @medboy and @medman for getting this strain on the site. Last week on the post about Northern Lights, I asked if Dutch Treat ever comes around as it's an all time favorite of mine. Medboy happened to comment on that post too, so I figure he saw what I said. The very next Loud Co re-up on the site, I see Dutch Hawaiian on the menu. It could all be a coincidence, but it felt like I asked and they listened and tried to find some Dutch lineage. I really appreciate that. Thanks for what you do guys, we're lucky to have you.


  • Of course this is up day after i order mama greenhouse. Of course it is 😂

  • @SpongePail lol not gonna lie I was on the fence about that Sour Cherry a couple days ago and decided to wait

  • I’ve been waiting for this drop. Got a zip of Chemdog and a zip of the pink grapefruit Kush which are some of the most fire buds I’ve ever seen if there anything like the last ones. I’ve got enough Mac didn’t need to order it. The premiums look good but I’m trying to save a little money

  • The Dutch Hawaiian sounds excellent..went with split of ChemDawg and Sour Grapefruit..two of my past favs! Me “holding out” really lasted long 😎

  • We share customer feedback with our shippers. We can't ever promise that we'll find a strain, but sometimes you get lucky.

  • That's pretty awesome that you share our feedback! Thanks, I'm quite grateful for that. That attitude of watching out for each other comes back around in my experience. Glad I got l lucky this time, and that I found your site in general!

  • They got some Northern Lights in concentrate form this time around, had to skip flower this week and go for that NL and the Wedding Cake concentrates I think are going to be fire. Excited to hear about the Dutch Hawaiian

  • @GanjaLion that sounds like it is going to be 🔥 It's always nice to switch it up every now and then too with concentrates.
    I scooped some of the Wedding Cake flower w the Dutch Hawaiian myself. WC is such a smooth strain for me, definitely for evenings though, haha. I also think that Grapefruit and the Chemdawg that is now gone is going to be some heat as well. Glad to hear @Theboyua and @superman38NC snagged that while they had the chance! :)

  • I oderd 1/4 of chemdawg I have taken advantage of this starin evertime it's been up. first batch that come out about 6 are 7 months ago didn't have a smell just very low Oder the smoke was 🔥 tho . 2nd order was really good with a very good high octane smell and high. hopping this is going to be similar. placed my order within 30 min of it popping up on menu along with 1/4 of SLA

  • You're in luck, I just posted more Chemdawg today!

  • You sure know how to treat us well. Look at all those delicious strains this time around!

  • I did notice that Dutch Treat itself popped up right after the Dutch Hawaiian. lol. ask and ye shall receive!

    Can we get some premium Super Silver Haze and some Banana Buttercups by Square One genetics? :dizzy: :joy:

  • One I always wanted to try was Mr Nice. Plug plug plug 😉

  • lol.. would be great to see everyone just pile on here with their dream strains. I'll add ONE more- Candyland (GDP x Platinum Cookies) haha this is fun! i'll check back next week to see what they work out ;) @medboy

  • I say all this jokingly, but I just glanced back and saw @FancyGlass_BluntyAsh comment and wanted to express my agreement. i was joking around with all this & i am already blown away with our great choices... at this point nothing would surprise me

  • The green crack was off the charts. And any feedback on zookies. I saw it and said f it I’ll wait till I get paid tomorrow so I can grab a full and it’s out of commish. I was filled with sorrow and disparity until alas a new menu filled with uppers downers and all arounders so I did a little chemdog jah goo split and went on my merry way. And I told myself no premium this week. Thought that was my first lesson but I really slipped on the alien rock candy and that pissed me off. Now it s on site lol

  • @v32Finish Yeah, the morning I woke up and saw Dutch Treat on the menu it made me unbelievably excited lol. I had woken up slightly late with obligations to do and not a lot of time, but I didn't want to miss it. It's one of my top all-timers. I was buying bitcoin and ordering in the shower that morning, it was a scramble, lol. Thank you waterproof phone case, haha.

    @jparkerj72485 that Chemdawg and Jah Goo should be killer. I hadnt even heard of Jah Goo before this week, but I've seen a few older heads on the forum say it was real nice last time around.

    Good dream strains choices btw, I havent had any of the ones you threw out there except Super Silver Haze(and it was wonderful), but they all sound very good. I love how much variety there is out there. Endless possibilities.

  • Is zookies worth the argument I’ll have with the wife over spending more after I just got an oz.

  • @jparkerj72485 I know the feeling. I'm about to spend $180 for a bong and ashcatcher and then beg forgiveness. But there's nothing better than a bong, except a bigger bong.

  • Just switched to a bubbler. It should save me on product. I’m addicting to the blunts.

  • https://streamable.com/xjufvd

    Hopefully this works, but this should be a video of the Dutch Hawaiian.

  • That looks great! Appreciate the video!

  • appreciate the video! very cool! when you broke that nug i wanted to smell so bad, right the center of the break ;) lol but yeah i'm sorry i missed out on this one for sure .. definitely on my list. theres alot of classic Dutch strains i would like to try

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