Any suggestions.

What is a good strain to help with anxiety, insomnia, shoulder, back and heel, pain And one for daytime for just the pain and anxiety that won’t make me feel like laughing. I stay tens in shoulders and looking for something to help stop being uptight and clenched jaw.


  • Nighttime = mostly indica strain
    Daytime = indica leaning hybrid

    I would not get hung up on particular strains as they often come and go quickly, and unless a grower is focused on only growing one strain, no two strains even of the same name may provide the same in desired effect.

    I’m also not convinced cannabis helps with pain, but I’m a chronic multi decade user. It does seem to help with anxiety and insomnia though I personally believe that has more to do with the non-psychoactive properties of the CBD spectrum with the THC providing a numbing bump.

  • @funkynugz as someone who used to hold the same view, i had a recent experience with a minor car accident turning into pretty severe shoulder issues, waking up stiff, tension headaches turning to near-migraines, just a huge nightmare overall that i'm still trying to pull out of.. and I changed my tune. Absolutely MJ helps with my pain. But not all buds are created equal. lol

    I can only speak for myself, but.. sometimes when I'm at work & i get a headache or my shoulder flares up, i can't wait to get home. Admittedly, most bud just "takes the edge off" and makes it less intense, and i think this is what most people would experience using cannabis for pain, but ... some in particular.. (the last one i had that did this was actually not from this site, some KILLER OG kush from local which i was sad to smoke the last of as i can't get it anymore ) .. will actually COMPLETELY knock it out. i'm not talking acute, severe pain, like a burn or something. but mine in particular is not just "minor" aches either, like.. pretty serious fkn pain/discomfort. . definitely not an opiate or anything, but I just had to chime in to say that for me anyway, i 100% use it to treat pain, rather succesfully.

    anyway, sorry for going off to the side there, but .. to OP: i would totally agree with what Funkynugz says. indica and indica or 50/50 hybrid. if I had to recommend ONE strain that's up there right now, I would probably recommend the Dolato or the Chemdawg from loud. The Chemdawg will likely be more potent, but the Dolato will be still nice & strong but slightly more suited for daytime.

    There are plenty of other strong indicas too. For severe cases, i would recommend maybe Northern Lights shatter or a really high-end OG/other concentrates. but yeah of course this is just IMHO etc etc

  • Yeah @v32Finish there are people who definitely achieve pain relief, at least with certain strains shown effective to their needs. At my age I’m in some sort of pain pretty much all my waking day and I’ve always medicated for mental ailments rather than physical. So I’m sure I have a good measure of stubborn bias as a result. Will say when I’m able to dose correctly with edibles cannabis does numb the body.

  • @funkynugz yeah, I've found pain relief from smoking/vaping as well as edibles and definitely topicals. I qualified for my medical card with chronic pain (arthritis...particularly in my hands), but I use cannabis more for my anxiety and panic attacks.
    @Milfshake1970 I use a variety of cannabis products to treat those same issues: flower (THC and CBD), concentrates (vapes, wax, shatter), and edibles. Personally, I won't smoke sativa's and most sativa dominant hybrids as they tend to be more cerebrally stimulating...and that tends to aggravate my anxiety. I pretty much stick to strong indicas and indica leaning hybrids. I've found most indicas to have great relaxing effects on the body...helping with aches and pains in general. I've also fond Most indicas and indica leaning hybrids tend to be mentally calming, relaxing and more sedating, which does not aggravate my anxiety and actually allows me to avoid prescription anxiety meds (at least when I'm not working). I'm a little obsessive when it comes to my cannabis so I generally have a variety of strains for morning/day, afternoon/evening, evening, and bedtime. Every strain has a different effect. I'm a big fan of GSC genetics (a lot of the Cookies, Cakes, Gelatos, Sunset Sherbet etc)...a nice range of strains that work for anxiety, chronic pain and inflammation and depending on the strain, insomnia. Allbud, Wikileaf, Leafly, and a few others are great online sources of information (although they sometimes contradict each other) about strain's effects and medical uses. But, obviously, most of this is trial and error. We just received an ounce of the Premium Wedding Cake looking for a new insomnia strain, based on past experiences. This Wedding Cake is not it. However, this particular batch is absolutely incredible and is just intoxicating! It's going to be a great for afternoons and early evenings. I'm still looking/waiting for my next insomnia strain as I watch my supply of Blackberry Kush, Skywalker OG, and Pure OG shrink.

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    @TheProfessor such a travesty you have a med card in your state (which is my state too) and it’s better and cheaper for you to get meds here. The prices I see and quality of product at our state dispensaries is just SMH unbelievable. Oh and agreed on the BK. I reserve that only for the final few puffs of the night. Beautiful meds.

  • Gotta agree with both of you on the BK, i won't even smoke that at bedtime during the week anymore bc it made me nervous i was gonna sleep thru my alarm. absolute amazing knock-out strain. i tend to stay away from those but it's nice to have one around. i haven't had a chance to use it for actual insomnia yet, but i know eventually i will have a cold or be under the weather and just can't sleep and that BK is great for that.

    i don't know what else up there would be a knock-out right now, but curious about the Jah Goo . if yall don't mind ( @TheProfessor @funkynugz ) what state are you in where the medical / dispensary stuff is not as good as here? just curious and please just ignore if you prefer not to say. i am very intrigued with dispensaries and the whole industry since i live in just about the most illegal state (TX) - ( love watching documentaries and similar on YT like CannaCribs and stuff. :sunglasses: ) so i was just curious about what neck of the woods you are talking about

    oh, and yeah.. i didn't get into the GSC strains for a long time bc they were played out so much and on the more rare occasions i saw them in Houston i just never went out ofmy way to get them. come to find out, they're played out & popular for a reason. i love all the gsc offerings so far with Dolato & Sunset being my favorites. love em all. i would LOVE to see some plain GSC or Thin Mint or Platinum Cookies come thru from the same grower from @LoudnCo !! will be excited on that day!! :lol:

  • @v32Finish Watch Loud drop those exact strains tomorrow 🤣

  • !!! that would just about be my luck . lol

  • @v32Finish I'm in Ohio. I lived and worked in TX at times in the 80s and 90s. @funkynugz A year ago, I would have agreed that the quality of the dispensary flower here was really sub-par. Generally, it looked medicinal...tested, abused, and stuck by the 1/10th ounce in little plastic containers. It's amazing what more growers, producers, and increased demand does for the quality of a product! Competition, finally! The quality of the all the flower that I've purchased over the past 6-12 months has really been outstanding. I've purchased some really well cared for and packaged flower (albeit still by the 1/10th and still in little plastic containers), both Tier 1 (up to 23%) and Tier 2 (23%+), some of the prettiest and strongest flower I've ever had! That I have access to it is absolute amazing and very relieving! That said, it is indeed a travesty what they charge. The prices are absolutely outrageous, especially since its medicinal. Fortunately, by law I get a 20% discount as a veteran which makes it a little more bearable. And if you watch for them, dispensaries are having more deals and sales. But as I don't see any price relief in sight, I will continue to purchase the majority of my flower here. I've never had anything but great products and service from Medicineman and his shippers.

  • Thank you for your service... Med man and med boy. Also the professor =)

  • ditto what @MikeyC just said. thanks for your service @TheProfessor :) (and of course MM & team) .

    interesting, Prof.. i don't really think of Ohio as a cannabis/legal state. is it medical only there? or is Ohio rec. also? just curious! hopefully the MORE act passes, i seriously feel like it's coming but not a moment too soon! I want dispensaries in Texas! stop crusading against an innocent plant! (lol wow i am high) either way it's like i was saying earlier, it's just real interesting to me, seeing different states handling it differently and checking the pulse of the industry. . thanks for sharing

  • Thank was my pleasure to serve!
    @v32Finish Ohio legalized for medicinal purposes in 2016, although it's still a pretty red state. The system is still new and is interesting to navigate, and as stated earlier, the products are pretty expensive. I think it's only a matter of time though before public opinion and tax revenue put enough pressure on the state to legalize recreationally as well. But, time will tell.

  • @TheProfessor good to hear the quality has gone up. Now they need to work on pricing and quantity restrictions.

  • @funkynugz Yes, Ohio's quantity restrictions just don't meet the needs of an old obsessive cannabis connoisseur (and stoner) like myself. But, we've got Medicineman! I get a 2/3rds of my flower from here, usually in 1-4oz purchases. I generally purchase 1/2s at the dispensary. It's just so expensive. It was $200 for a 1/2 of Tier 1 Sunset Sherbet (with my discount I paid $160). Incredibly beautiful cannabis to be had everything and smoked well. Two weeks later I pick up an ounce of the Outdoor Sunset Sherbet here for $215. Certainly not the same glamorous looks of the dispensary strain, but the same great Sunset Sherbet effects...but much more intense! I'm so thankful to benefit from legal cannabis, but I'll continue to do most of my shopping here!

  • Cookie dough cheesecake is an analgesic and helps with pain great. Sleep. Snoops dream by far. It’s weird when u go to shops and the shit that is 16 percent is much better than the shit over 20. And still indica. But that’s my input

  • But on here now its tough bc I believe everyone waiting on new ish has not got their pack and we’re all hoping tomorrow is not a bad day. After that I can report back

  • Gelato jet fuel is the last along with gushers and purple punch and all was good. Fruit loops good but a lil hyped for an 8/10

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