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Just won't to say thanks . For helping everyone out . Y'all do a really good job and get much needed medicine to ppl that would otherwise be unable to get . Y'all have help me thru cancer , chemo , subtance abuse and so on . With out y'all I would probably be dead . I have always rec'd high quality product from site only had one small problem since 2013 and it was taken care of with in just a few days . Keep up the good work . Don't let bad reviews get y'all down . Can't control ever shipper you have . It's just like any other business no one is perfect. God bless and thanks very much will always be a loyal costumer.


  • I love hearing that! I am pretty sure I remember you from WAY back. :-)

  • Yep u do been around along time . I really appreciated everything y'all do

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    I've been around for less than a couple of years now, but ditto to that!

  • Medman, Medboy and the shippers have treated me well since 2015 (110% satisfaction). Totally agree that they are the GOAT in terms of capability, product and service!! Smart, good people here! Would be difficult, if not impossible, to find a substitute that works so well on a regular basis. One of a kind and the best of the best!! Rock on, Med-team!!!

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    Agreed! Very thankful for all you guys do to get us our medicine. As someone who has been in multiple car accidents it helps me a lot! Even though I have a medical License the restrictions and cost are very high here to buy through the legal program. Thanks!!

  • Couldn't agree more! It'll be 20 years before the backwards ass state I live in will legalize. I'd never get high if it weren't for this service.

  • What I love is not only do they always deliver but whenever I have experienced any issues they take care of it quickly ! I have been here long but I’m definitely a loyal buyer ! I literally buy every drop since I’ve found the site

  • Further to the discussion, I’m 57 and it’s not so easy buy weed from a local guy at my age.... the service here levels the playing field for legal and not legal states.

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    @leaf no kidding. Too old to be going to bar parking lots to buy mystery cannabis. Now that I've been getting the incredible strains I want and choose, I can't imagine having to smoke whatever random strains someone has at any point in time.

    One of my friends just finished a grow and it was so awful, I wouldn't even waste my time on it. They didn't even know what strain it was! That's life before MM.

  • Yeah growing is fun but demanding. Its the skill of the person and genetics. You could pop a seed of brick weed and get an awsome plant sometimes. If you dont know what you are doing you could pop a bougjt great strain and turn into garbage with temp swings nute imbalamces and light time variances. Excuse any typos i am blitzed.

  • couldn't agree more. thank you so much to MM and MB and both shippers. making the dream work. and helping so many people. i am also very loyal and happy customer. and very grateful for this place.

    I am just now getting into hobby 'gardening' :sunglasses: , and even with me being fairly OCD and meticulous (controlling pH, temp, RH, etc etc etc) it is still kinda tough. It can be somewhat intuitive and i'm sure i'll get better but that's another thing i'm really grateful for and has been a HUGE stress reliever . i'm in a pretty high stress job and i am wound up like a fkn spring sometimes by the end of the day; i absolutely love coming home and gardening. lol. my 2 girls just started showing their first little flowers. (i think it's roughly day 12-14 of flower) highly recommended !!

  • All hail the great and mighty MedMan and Medboy! Praise them and their ingenious computer skills! Glad i took the leap of faith; before the forum was up and got reviews.

  • Just say a prayer for them and their family to make it through the fires alive and well and have gratitude for the only legit mom in my life 🙏

  • We greatly appreciate the feedback, good wishes and prayers!

  • I totally agree! This service is beyond Awesome in every way! Thank you for everything ya'll do! Much peace from the deep south of Louisiana.

  • i agree too! i live in a backwards state as well...and like @leaf , i am too old to hang out to get weed...(i'm 60) have been smoking weed over 46 years...times have sure changed...i have been ordering here online about 5 yrs...never had an issue til this last order (new shipper)..and i'm sure it will be fixed. i won't shop elsewhere cuz of one issue in 5 yrs...very happy with everything..

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