How do you recieve discount or discount codes? I've signed up for the news letter twice in past 3 months and haven't get the first newsletter or discount code


  • I thought they stopped offer discount codes because they reduced the prices of the products available. Not sure tho l, but following because if they do I need to find out how ! I spend lots on here monthly ! Lbvs

  • Been here close to 2 years and no newsletter in that time. Codes, maybe 1-2x a year and they are typically announced in the forum for limited time public use. But yeah most prices were lowered earlier this year to negate the need.

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    No discounts anymore except once in a while at their discretion (apr 20 or xmas, etc). I had one but it IS a little cheaper now with no discount. I have noticed though an increase in "premium" strains since prices went down. 🤔

  • After they unilaterally lowered the prices....discounts seemed to have disappeared. Better to have overall price drop IMHO.

  • @Good2Go has it right. We were going to offer them with the newsletter but the newsletter never worked out for technical reasons. The next time we'll offer a discount code is for our annual holiday sale this December.

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