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Any one else get a bad batch of THC gummies from med mama? I’ve gotten them a few times before and they always worked great and my most recent order isn’t doing anything for me. I normally get pretty high from a half of one and I’ve taken a whole one two days in a row and waited over 2 hours with no high not even a little buzz. Very disappointed. This happened once before when I ordered the gummy bears from med mama. I saw in the description that they’re using a new recipe so I hope this issue gets fixed soon. I’m going to try to take 2 tomorrow and see how that goes.


  • The freebie gummies have never done anything for me. What dosage do you use? The one's I have tried were marked 25 or 50 mg. Just curious.

  • They’re the 25mg but that’s what I’ve always gotten. I have a low tolerance and half a 25mg gum drop always worked for me and I’m feeling nothing even hours after taking a full 25mg gum drop from this order.

  • I've never noticed differing effectiveness and I've gone through at least 20 containers of the 25mg gumdrops. I've stopped taking them recently though to save them for my girlfriend because she's in quite a bit of pain with a torn rotator cuff. I also sold one canister to a friend who was quite happy with them. I bought them last probably 2 months ago.

  • I actually found one gum drop from my last order from months ago and took it and it worked perfectly fine so it definitely seems like something is different with the new recipe like it’s less potent or something. I did take 3 full gum drops from my newest order and did get high this time. But I’m still disappointed that I’m going from needing a half of a gum drop to 3 full ones to feel the same effects as the old recipe. Going to go through them a lot faster and end up spending more money this way.

  • would holler at them about this thru the contact form to let them know...

    thanks for the heads up

  • Thanks I filled out a contact form

  • Not much we can do here. Edibles are by far the most unpredictable form of marijuana. Buyer beware!

  • I took one the other day and it made my mouth instantly numb.

  • That's weird! I haven't heard of cannabis doing that before. Cotton mouth, sure, but not numbness.

  • My girlfriend felt the same thing too. It was weird.

  • A friend gave me his free gummy he got from here and it made my mouth numb! I’m waiting on louds 50mg gumdrops

  • Because of this thread I'm waiting until the gummies sell out and are restocked before coming here for them. I'll stick to flower in the meantime.

  • Another option for you. I use a distillate syringe and put a serving straight onto food of choice. The syringes I use have marks on them so it's easy to get the right amount.

  • edited September 18

    I get them regularly, last received Sept 8. I have a high tolerance so I do maybe four at a time but have never had any complaints. It's ok, you can leave them all for me. 😁

  • @Fallguy so the distillates are pretty good? Which do you recommend or is one company usually better than another?

  • @Vapedad78 i don't have a huge sample size to work with, but BOTH of the 'vape distillate' refill syringes i have bought from Medmama have been fire (super silver haze and Ghost Train haze) . i personally am going to stick with medmama brand refill syringes as far as vapes go. I really liked the shatter i got from loud, and surprisingly i have not ordered any concentrates from medmama (other than aforementioned refills, i'm talkin about wax or shatter, etc)

    @moonman5 and a few others have tried the actual "true" distillate from Loud. pretty sure it will get you real high but i love my terpenes too much :joy: so yeah to answer your question i would start with the refills from Medmama. they seem to be the more economical choice than buying the pre-filled, but i haven't had an issue with the pre filled either . . but i have only tried 1 of those (Amnesia) and it was OK. guess it depends what you're into...

  • @v32Finish appreciate the reply and info, I'll definitely keep that in mind, yeah I agree, like my Terps too, had some diamonds once and they were nice for bowl topper to add a boost but like to taste and smell what's going on

  • I have never bought distillate from mm , only other dispensaries. For me it worked great.

  • As @v32Finish statedi tried the distilliate and it wasnt to the moon it was a very warm in your face high nothing to truly brag about but will say this ive never felt so dam clear minded in my life till i smoked it lol

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