TKO CARTS fake? loud&Co

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Hey guys! a friend of mine bought some TKO carts from loud&Co and received them about 2 weeks ago my friend lives in California and says that TKO carts are not sold by single full gram cartridges also he mentioned that also the package both tko carts came in were fakes and that the Tanks he said the Real ones are connected and sold together with a vape pen and its true i went to the official TKO websites so Loud&Co need's to politely removes these carts from there Inventory kindly thanks xd.



  • Would be unacceptable if that’s the case. would like to hear from @medboy about legitimacy of carts. I imagine they have an agreement regarding this with the sellers

  • idk really i just posted this for my buddy and to help others and the quality of company itself id rather not see fake products and mad customers. i really dnt smoke carts to much and try not too theirs just too many fakes out there. i try to stay w flower or wax when i can get the good stuff.

  • Lol this funny bcuz all those packages carts are floating around here ...runtz pens stizzy , Danks, brass cookie , elevated cali plug...there more but.... My guy usually fill these style/type pens himself buys the packaging on eBay Amazon from our local smoke shop . Sometimes he goes to cali and bring like 400 full gram pens worth of just thc oil and uses a transpring vape auto machine to fill them... thats why I don't trust vapes they be good but almost never authentic

  • @7r3vor your right tko carts are disposable

  • If that's the case that could be why the ones I bought didn't do shit for me. Not even a buzz. Bought 2 GG4 carts as part of my first purchase on here about a month or so ago. The flower I received was great, but was definitely disappointed in the carts.

  • @nugget07 thats 100% reason why...I bought like 15 smartcarts from another friend of mine in Cali he shipped them they was great but they was in fake packaging.
    But .ended up buying 12 more of them cuz how good they were and they wasn't just awful I guess he figured I'd keep shoveling out cash as long as they look legit lol

  • I stopped using the TKO carts i bought soon after trying them. The consistency was just wrong it looked all crystallized inside the glass. personally didn't feel safe continuing to hit it, sucks to waste the money on a product like that, but you win some you lose some. hope to see some kind of response on the legitimacy of those carts.

  • Yeah, live and learn I guess. I'll just be sticking to flower and concentrates for now. Maybe I'll give another try with the refills from Mama sometime in the future.

  • This has come up with Loud before, and when I asked him about it, he said that while the carts themselves are fake, they can guarantee that the juice that goes in them is genuine and contains only cannabinoids and terpenes. He fills them himself.

    We've been selling these for over six months and in that time, there have been no problems reported to us by customers. So we feel totally good about continuing to offer them.

  • If your friend order maybe they should reach out to Medboy. Doesn’t seem like normal business of Loud to send anything Fake. I’m sorry but they are legit my favorite as far as quality so I can’t imagine they would slip up and send a fake cartridge. Hope everything works out for your friend

  • @Medboy Ok thanks for informing us all about this info helps everyone alot will let my friend know this info you posted? he ordered the carts about 2 weeks ago and i was asked to make this thread..Again thanks for responding back you are a big help as always in answering important questions and helping others when needed thanks Medboy:) means alot!

  • Since theyre fake is price fake too lol? Its price the same as authentic branded carts.

  • I agree... while I dont really condone offering a fake cart, and representing it as authentic(this is the kicker imo) , this really was just off-set somewhat by @medboy 's forthright-ness. (omg is that even a word, wow, i need to smoke already- just got home)

    I think there should be some 'fine print' there somewhere. . or an asterisk.. or something. LOL. with the kind of flower they get, they would be better off just making their own brand and cart, most would get behind that much more than selling fakes..
    but i know, brand recognition, etc etc .. (remember i know nothing lol and i acknowledge this) tough situation. thanks for letting us know MB.

    (also kinda agree with @rshigh81 : here's how it could be handled like a true PR agent: pivot into it, knock 5 off the price & add a carefully crafted ambiguous word in the listing. ['custom', 'rebrand', replica'] . or literally just add an asterisk. :lol: it's all in the wording, just like a chef turning a plain dish into something premium just by presentation and naming. anyway. tough situation. i def. see both sides. -SC )

  • Medmamas are real...just sayin 🤣

  • This is worth considering, thanks everyone. I hadn't thought of the matter this way.

  • I can get fake carts for $30 in Georgia. They’re pretty decent too. That’s my only complaint about the mis representation here.

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    Yeah if you guys are selling something that’s not legit you have a responsibility to tell us customers. You can get fake ones here in the south that are pretty dang good for cheaper than that. What a joke. It’s very disappointing if you ask me. @7r3vor If you’re not happy with them I would ask for a refund.

  • I’ve had “fake” ones and they was good! Just because they use fake carts don’t mean what’s in it is fake. I trust this site and trust what they put in the carts. If u would rather buy fakes off the street than here, well that’s your choice

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    This is true, TKO only sells disposables and no full grams at that. I love carts and would way rather purchase them here than on the street where they will actually be filled with harmful shit, but even for dispensary carts (which Loud's TKOs are not) $155 for 2 is overpriced especially considering the bitcoin fees.

  • I honestly just get the hardware for my carts where I can. I can get knock off TKO carts that I am able to fill with legit product, so thats what I do. I apologize if this upsets anyone but they are safe and my whole staff/friends smoke them.

  • I didn’t mean to complain. Your juice is just fine. Thanks man.

  • This is worth considering, thanks everyone. I hadn't thought of the matter this way.

  • This isn't tough at all we send real bitcoin and should be sent the actual product represented. I've had the carts once they were good but I too noticed they were refillable so I just use refills or better yet a plant specific distillate "MJ'S GG#4" Works great in refillable cart's . MM delivers great life changing green medicine and absolutely everything I've received is top quality. I love ya MM but for anyone but you this I believe is one step away from thc sprayed CBD flowers being represented as real. Tell us we still sit next to you in the cafeteria at lunch and share our coins with you. Nothing but love MM. MNTDWLER

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    @MNTDWLER What did you mean by 1 step away from sprayed cbd flowers with thc lol hopefully mm are sending real flowers because it cost$ the same to grow cbd as real thc flowers so actually that would sound very dumb to sell cbd as real thc flower cbd flowers with sprayed thc?🤣

  • You missed anyone but you and "everything I've received is top quality " yeah med man is actually superman all I was trying to say is stay true to your product. Thanks for calling me out L.O.L😎

  • @MNTDWLER Oh ok lol and yeah i wasn't tryna call you out in bad way i just wanted to know what you meant by that? yeah i placed an order Friday should get it soon hopefully lol thanks mm💚

  • Hope it hits your box today man. I had an order get to me in a little over 2 days before. Cali to The Great Smoky Mountains. Good luck and good grooves

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    @MNTDWLER Thanks man you too and its nice out there in the smoky mountains iv'e been there 6 times the air down there is so crisp lol awesome place to chill n smoke tree love all the little shops that have on the Downtown strip

  • love the different parts of America.. the smoky mountains.. the Rockies.. the Bob Marshall Wilderness in montana, all the way to the Oregon Coast (fav- sad no fam there anymore RIP grammy Jet) , down to Inks Lake national park in Texas.. the Mississippi.. new york state.. all of PACNW..

    bad ass country out there

  • Minnesota here

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