Water pipe preferences for new user?

Gmorning fellow stonerz.

I’m looking to get a smaller, decent multi-use dab/bud rig, something nicer than the old homemade plastic or tin bongs of my youth. Thick glass, easy to use with all the accessories I might need for green and concentrates.

Any suggestions on kinds, manufacturers, sites or ones to avoid would be very helpful!

Budget is in the $100 range.
Thanks for the input friends!



  • Personally, I use a stoned mason from glasslungs.com

    It's easily transferable to use for dabs by just getting a good banger from another site of your choice.
    Plus, on glass lungs you can choose what size mason youd like, and I like using ice with my bong rips, and dabs because it helps with chillin out your throat with the harshness either flower, or concentrates can bring.

    You can always check out videos of people using them both ways on YouTube, and on their Instagram under glass lungs.

    Happy shopping!

  • For high quality pieces you may want to up your budget a bit if you can. Always found you pay more for thicker higher quality. But it is less likely to break or be a pia in other ways

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    @Reshi I use the Higher standards oil rig with their banger and cap.. awesome (deep,throaty) pull, strong glass, easy to clean and recycle. Can’t go wrong unless you’re not into paying 250-300! Also comes with a really nice box that you can keep and use as a case. I don’t travel with mine as I have a shelf/safe for my pieces. But she’s awesome!

  • Www.thickassglass.com has very thick glass for good prices too

  • Thanks all! Time to do some shopping!

  • I second thickassglass. I just bought a dual honeycomb 18" bent neck bong with an ashcatcher and it has totally changed my life. It's by far the best way to smoke.

  • Get a cute bubbler!!! always love a nice bub's just need to make sure its something that can be somewhat cleaned easily :) good luck in your search for that sweet pipe!

  • @shleezen I love bubblers too, all my friends/people I smoke with hate them cus they are “too much hassle” to carry around and clean and stuff but I love them!

  • Grab bubbler. 40 bones

  • Zob bubbler

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    original hurricane.

  • Any fans of vaporizers? I’ve never used one but am intrigued.

  • @Reshi I enjoy vaping the most along side bong. What kind of set up were you interested in, portable or table top?

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    @NOLA504 tabletop initially. I’m seriously looking at the Volcano hybrid, but want to check out some more reviews or see it in action before I bite the bullet.
    I looked at the different filtration options for different bongs but I’m thinking I’d rather invest in the cleanest burn possible that extracts the most medicine from the plant. A desktop vaporizer seems to be my best option.

  • @Reshi I have both a Pax3 and a Mighty. I really enjoy them both, but the Pax is my "go to." Works with flower and concentrates and its easy to clean and use.

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    Hear lots of great things about the Puffco Peak. If I were buying with your same goals in mind, I would be considering the Volcano, the Peak, and the 2 mentioned by @TheProfessor . But personally I think you can't go wrong with a Volcano 🤷‍♂️

  • I'm quite happy with my Vaporbrothers desktop dry vape. You can get it under $200 as opposed to the $500 for a Volcano.

  • @Reshi my buddy has one of the new volcanoes and ive been using it with him and it seems flawless. Another friend recently purchased the ArizerExtreme Q Desktop and while I haven't used it yet, he says it reminds him alot of volcano but is a little cheaper. I am curious to try it and if the price is right may pick one up myself.

  • Thanks all!

  • No one's mentioned it so check out the nautilus line cheap thick and easily converted from concentrate to flower $30 and up.

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    I've used the Arizer Extreme Q for years. Bag & whip..have a bubbler for it. Also have a Solo 2. Quality stuff.

  • @Good2Go do you find you need a bubbler with it? Is that to cool it or filter or both? Yep a newbie here for ya! LOL thanks

  • Anyone else in here own any Sovereignty Glass?

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    I usually use the bags when at home so I don't use that bubbler. I have a bubbler stem for the Solo 2 that I use.

  • @Good2Go saw the Extreme Q on sale for 100$ with free shipping last week and had to buy. I am not disappointed.

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    Hey NOLA......I'm pretty close to your neighborhood...I'm over in Diamondhead.That's a really good price for the Extreme Q.

  • Yeah Diamondhead isnt too far. Seems like we have a good bit of people from the South East USA on here. And yeah I thought the price was great. I actually wasn't planning on buying at the moment but when I saw the special had to pull the trigger. Here is the article with the various specials in case any one else was interested. https://www.vapospy.com/p/arizer-extreme-q

  • Thanks@NOLA504 thats a great price! I’d like to find a decent portable on sale. Maybe Black Friday deals

  • Anyone use POTV ONE? Or it was under the fury 2 name. Thinking of one of those. I like the stickybrick look but Idk about the learning curve for me. Im leaning towards the ONE for 109$ any thoughts?

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