Site down?

I have been having trouble with the site and order form all day. Just wondering if this is the same for everyone?


  • Order page has been messed up for days

  • Having the same trouble - I fill out the form and hit to submit and then I get an error.

  • Same here...been trying since early yesterday and after I confirm the order I get a blank page and never get an email from med boy! WTF???

  • We're working on this. I alerted our tech dude to the issue 3 days ago. What we've found is that it doesn't happen all the time. Most customers are able to put an order through eventually if they keep trying. That's the best I have right now.

  • That is what I experienced today. Automated email for order was generated but not the payment confirmation. It is a very generic error with no detail, one time I did get a timeout. Thanks Medboy, appreciate the update.

  • I got my order to go through today - no confirmation though. I e-mailed medboy, hopefully it gets ironed out.

  • I wish I could place an order, I have tried for two days. Im ready to give up now. Are there alternatives that others are trying?

  • Yeah! I always use my phone but I ordered on the 30th Monday. And Oct. 1st Tuesday. No order form problem then...thankfully.

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