Weird shit.

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So. About 5:15 I make an order on the site... a zip of the gmo cookies/ wedding cake.. completed the order and got redirected to the next page it usually takes you to.. copied the wallet ID and went over to coinbase. Got my BTC and pasted the ID and made sure the numbers/letters matched as I always do.. my transaction has been completed. For 260$, but I haven’t gotten an email confirmation for any of it.. I’ve never seen this before.. her it is 9 and I go to get onto my email and now I’m really tripping about it. Tried to reload the page any of course it was timed out.. what do I do? I’ve contacted the site but the anticipation is killing me. I hate feeling like I’ve thrown $ away! Coinbase does say the transaction was completed as well.. with nothing from @medboy @medman



  • You did get the thank you page?

  • @Vapedad78 yeah and that’s what I always use to copy the wallet ID and my total.. this time I never got anything in my email... kinda wondering wth..

  • Check your spam folder just in case

  • @MigraineWarrior79 absolutely nothing :,(

  • Hoping my POS autocorrect just put in the wrong email address. Does anyone know how they sort something like this out? Coinbase doesn’t show any info on the wallet you send to or anything like that..

  • Boo 👎
    Send @medboy a message about it

  • @Fastguy199 this happened to me recently. i always always get confirmation in like.. anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 mins. but it always comes. one of my more recent orders, it seemed to go thru but no confirmation from either MM or cashapp (i get a notification when the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain etc) . just about the time i was freaking out.. (seems similar to you, i think it was probably like 4-6 hrs later, like later that night) it finally went thru. i did get the email (and the mobile notification) but it was like hours later.

    hope this helps. i know it'll get sorted either way, but .. hope it just goes thru for you & you don't have to mess with it beyond that.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 i contacted the site contact thing. And tagged them on here. Hopefully they see it fingers crossed XD

  • I hope it all works out!

  • @v32Finish thanks.. just never seen this before. So I figured I’d keep y’all updated!

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    Man you’re fine. The guys say if you haven’t gotten a response about payment within two hours then send med boy an email and he’ll look it up manually and he’ll take care of you. This happened to me before it caused about a one day delay and it was no big deal and it all worked out. Well now I just reread your post and realize that you’ve already done that so just ignore that information. But I did want to say it happened to me before and it all worked out and it was no big deal. Just to set your mind at ease.

    I’m kind of stoned obviously off of....hmmm I don’t remember what I’m smoking, I think it’s blue cookies. No... it’s one of the gelatos. triple scoop. Yum

  • Thanks .. I rly hate making claims with the bank. Just makes me feel kinda shitty :/

  • yeah, i feel ya.. definitely will be curious to see how it pans out.

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    Well shit that reply was to another thread no idea how ended up in here

  • @Theboyua thanks bro! I sure hope so! And he’ll yeah! Me and my girl are currently smoking some of the Dutch treat. Stuff has kept us blazed for days now haha

  • @Vapedad78 awesome! Hopin to get a resolution like now. But I will be happy anytime I hear from the med fam:-)

  • @Vapedad78 I always take a snap of that confirmation page. And then I sometimes get duplicate emails, I’ll make sure to use the email that matches up to the confirmation page. They may both work but I have never wanted to take a chance.

  • Man they seen like a super solid team I'm sure it'll get straightened out

  • I’m usually a lot better at making sure I check the email confirmation.. it’s been a few weeks since I’ve ordered and been pretty busy today so it slipped my mind. It usually comes in like pretty soon but I’ve also seen it take some time sometimes.. I just hate dealing with this kinda stuff. Wondering what’re the chances of the address I put in on the thank you page you get redirected to being hacked in someway. Idk. I may be way over thinking but dam.

  • I started taking screen shot of the little check order pop up before submitting to make sure copacetic

  • I had that happen recently. I sent a message with the wallet address through the contact form and within 24 hours the response back said payment received. You are good.

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    @Vapedad78 I take a screenshot of every page just about while I’m filling out the form And completing all the process including bitcoin.I too take a screenshot of the little box that pops up because I’m so OCD and I’m always worried about if I filled something out wrong. It’s nice to be able to go back and pull the picture up and check. And then I take a screenshot of the page that it directs you to after you hit submit. All probably unnecessary but like I said OCD is a bitch.

  • Still nothing from the site,medman, or medboy:-(

  • This happened to me few months back. Sent Medman an email and he confirmed all was good with payment.

  • @Theboyua I hear ya, my OCD isn't bad as some for sure, but still kicks my anxiety up and gets me questioning myself and everything else lol

  • MM did toss out there recently they are close to finishing a new back-end for the site. New site builds typically have a couple of gremlins.

  • Yeah started tryna dabble in coding and thought about that, figured explained the repeat payment request I recieved last time

  • That repeat confirmation is a bug in their current system. They’ve definitely outgrown the existing cart. As an amateur coder going way back I’m kind of anticipating what they’ll show up with.

  • Ah gotcha, didn't know if that was them tryna implement or test new code but I'm still a noob for sure barely got toes wet lol

  • If you made the payment then 100% we're going to honor the purchase so no worries there. Pro-tip, if you want to know you're order is set and being processed go to a blockchain site like and plugin the wallet address we gave you. It should have 2 transactions. The one where you sent it to us and the one that we transfer to our destination wallet. If it has 2 transactions you are 100% don't even need to write to us.

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