Bad Batch?



  • @rshigh81 I would get all landrace strains actually and see if that's it. Maybe you can't feel there other type.

  • I just received my order of MAC from loud and comparing it to the 1/2oz I got from med Mamma definitely a substandard batch in comparison. Med Mamma's batch is super frosty and compact not so much with loud and co. There is no comparing the high either definently not a happy man right now, not a premium strain in my opinion. Luckily I still have a 1/4 of mm mac and a 1/2 of a mix of bubba kush and jahgoo one of my favorites coincidentally shipped by loud co so go figure.

  • I switched over to med mama. Louds PPP has put me off ordering from them.

  • it's definitely a batch game. i didn't like the purple punch either, but i didn't hate it as much as some others. it gets me high, it just wears off quick - and it has a bit of a burn to the smoke. one of those that'll make your tongue numb after hitting the pipe.

    anyway, i guess what i'm trying to say, is.. i wouldn't just stop ordering from Loud just bc of that. o_O you will miss out if you commit yourself to one or the other.. but yeah that's how it goes sometimes

    i love both shippers :heart:

  • that being said.. it is kinda disheartening that they had multiple batches at the same time that were sub-standard . at the same time, i am def. ready to see what they have next. @LoudnCo :blush: :blush:

  • I’m taking a break from @LoudnCo flowers lately to me their premiums are on the danger level as medical Jane except green . I’m only going with Medmama I’ve been way to loyal to loud since I joined this site

  • I'm pretty dismayed looking at the 1/2 I got from loud this week compared to the 1/2 I got med Mamma it's pretty sad looking, not the super frosty buds mm has on the board. Well I wanted a good comparison and I got it. I should have stuck with what I knew but hindsight is whatever lol

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    I 2nd what @v32Finish said..batch game for sure. One min everyone loves Loud over Mama and the next week it’s Mama over Loud. They each have their own unique strains that typically are 🔥, but occasionally you get a batch that doesn’t compare. Sorry @MNTDWLER!

  • At the end of the day Loud has put up the best product on this site IMO. Its all a batch game i usually say when it comes to premiums and indoors to pay attention to the picture. Greenhouse weed i would only get from Medmama as they seem to specialize in it

  • It would be great if they could name the growers of each batch so we would know which ones we like.

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    Weird that it didn't go to the top of the list after my post?

  • @SpongePail
    I won't buy from loud again. The 'premium fruit loops' tasted like cheap mexican and no buzz what so ever. Same with the gummies. First, they came in a ball. Not melted together. When I got one free sample, it was in perfect shape. This was just a blob that was mailed as a blob. And no matter how much I took, nothing what so ever

  • Kinda know what u mean about the fruit loops was getting it in free joint every time I ordered definitely stop me from buying it

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