Bad Batch?

Anyone else get the premium MAC from loud? If so what is your overall opinion? It took me alot of thought to bring myself to pay 180 plus bitcoin fees for a half, but after looking through past forum posts about it, i thought id give it a shot. It looks and smells great, but when it comes to the high its kind of weak. For context the free joint of bubba got me more buzzed. Im not trying to slander anyone, just kind of disappointed.



  • Try not go off of other peoples reviews on here too much because for some people they really enjoy the indica high and some enjoy the sativa. I personally like sativa and i got the same batch. Same thing smells and looks great. It gives me what i expected a strong body high with a slight head high. I will say the joint of bubba kush had me feeling different lol I LOVE bubba kush but the new picture of that trim job 🤢

  • Yeah I got a nug that bubba and only tried a lil earlier but thought it was pretty good stuff and bud I had did look to have a sugar leaf or 2 but thought looked decent as well

  • i didn't grab it.. but yeah, as BMan said.. it can be weird. i have 'gone off others opinions' before and yeah, was kind of surprised and startled a few times. it's a batch game for sure . pretty sure sometimes stuff goes out to different people that are different batches, diff plants themselves, or diff strains or whatever.. being sold as the same item. which is to be expected, i think, for a circumstance dealing w. volume....... to a degree.

    either which way. i know what it's like to be disappointed. ya win some, ya lose some! makes it all the more imperative to make a move on something if you KNOW you like it & it's good.. and even then it's not a 100% guarantee for reasons stated above. different phenos et al. lots of reasons.

    i have a thing for buds that don't smell strongly.. or at least medium strength .. for some reason it bothers me, i can have a bud that is iced out & has a really great high.. but it just smells like grass, or most recently, just kind of.. plain. like the kind of cheap "dro" that you could get back in the day for way less than everything else, but it was always around.. ANYWAY you could make the argument "if the high is good, then why does it matter" .. but for some reason, it does to me. lol. anyway, sorry to hear you're disappointed.

    I wasn't exactly 'disappointed' per se. . with my most recent order(s). but i definitely wasn't blown away, and more importantly, really wish i had gone with something else. either way.. what can ya do!! try to brace yourself , & it makes me more grateful when i come up on something that is really fantastic..

  • @Bman @Vapedad78 @v32Finish Thanks for the responses. I know different strains have different effects, but it is the lack of strength of any effect that is my concern. Ive had banana MAC from a dispensary before, so i was hoping that this would at least come close. I guess il stick to the non premiums. In your guys experience and opinion who has better quality, medmama or loud?

  • Loud and its not even close unless MM is offering Gelato #33 or 41

  • @bitbiz imho it goes back and forth for best quality. Sometimes its loud sometimes mama. Same with ship times. They both hit homers and both strike out. Although i have never gotten anything from anyone. Mama medlove and loud that has been disappointing. Maybe i am just not that picky. Maybe its because i dont know. It does appear to me over the past few years that loud hits more homers with his indicas and mama more with sativas and outdoor.

  • i wouldn't "stay away from premiums" as a whole.. just bc of that.. sometimes ya pick one that isn't the best, but if you exclude any category on the whole then you'll miss out.. (that being said, i pretty much only buy loud premiums anymore.. but even then, batches are different and stuff.)

    sorry ya got one that isnt the best.

  • Sometimes Mama has better premium other times Loud. My most recent purchases were premium Wedding Cake from Loud and Triple Scoop Gelato from MedMama. The TS Gelato was by far my favorite and better quality.

  • I received Premium MAC from MedMama last night. It is an excellent batch. I have ordered MAC before and it was always great but this batch is very frosty and looks beautiful. It is still on the site and mine looks just like the picture listed.

  • I agree, at first my MAC from loud didn't seem like a premium. Kinda dry & smell was there but not pungent. But after some time with a boveda pack, its like this bud has transformed. Its super sticky, stinks like crazy, & literally knocked me out at 10pm last night.
    I do agree though that one shouldn't have to use a pack though to receive bud at its freshest. And it is disappointing when I read others saying that they have to cure their buds because of the grassy smell.
    @v32Finish That was a nice read! I agree!
    @buds Nice! Thank you for the review!

  • Got some bodeva 62 8 on the way, for those that use em those will work right? Plan on putting in my fruit loops see what happens while testing the new order

  • @Vapedad78 the 62%s are what I've always used. I use the size 1 packs in my little jars and the size 4 packs in my oz and 1/2oz jars.

  • @buds thank you for sharing that. I have some Mac from medmama coming as well. Looking forward to it now!

  • @Vapedad78 bovedas are the best. They last about 2 months for a half oz. To refill them you need a Tupperware lid, distilled water and a Tupperware. You pour the water in the tupperware, and using just the lid make a dry island. Then you put the bovedas on top of the dry island and seal it for like 5 days and they're good as new. Reverse osmosis

  • Appreciate the help and info, I got a10pk of 62% coming but think it said 8 so hopefully works I'll have to keep an eye on it I guess

  • SCREW EVERYBODY! Ive been around 40 years and never used a boveda and am happy with most of my herb. Now because of all the posts about these damn things I feel obligated to buy these. I dont much care for change. I have high expectations and these bovedas better be life changing.(venting over)

  • @bitbiz I agree brother it's trash, glad I only purchased $60 worth. High lasted maybe 30 mins for me.

  • edited October 2020

    @Fallguy they certainly arent 100% "necessary" exactly.. but i think you'll be able to appreciate them! especially the first time you grab some bud that's kinda dried out and stale.. and it can literally breathe life into buds that i literally wouldn't have smoked otherwise!

    maybe not life changing but i think you'll be really happy with em! i dont use them for all of my buds, but definitely all the ones i really care about and want to keep for a long time.

    Also, i didn't know about them until recently! i knew of "Boveda" humidipaks... but they are totally different, and designed to go in the soundhole of a guitar and regulate the RH for storage of wooden instruments. imagine my surprise when i randomly found out (...Here, no less) that the same company that made the device in my guitar case.. made little packs that could work magic on my flowers!! :joy:


  • I use one in everything that has been vac sealed prior to my use

  • @Fallguy the Boveda packs are great if you have a lot of strains and don't just smoke everything you get in two weeks. They are also great if you get a dryer batch or one that needs additional curing.

    @Vapedad78 the 8g are fine. They will just last longer, as long as they fit in your jars. I use 8g for up to an ounce.

  • The indoor MAC seems like it was better

  • Ive only ordered louds premiums. Since the PP let me down now I'm going to deversify and try med mama and different grades.

  • I don’t like it at all !! Shit is trash to me ! Indoor MAC smoke wayyyy better ! They let me down with this premium Mac

  • @Batman4rmHouston the indoor Mac smokes and smells better ! I smoke a FAT L and not even high ! First L of the morning too !

  • Dang I asked my miracle whip be split with mac but now kinda hope it wasn't or gets split with something else

  • Just ordered boveda. Some proper curing may just save this PP.

  • To restore a hard boveda you need distilled water, a smaller Tupperware lid and a Tupperware that seals. You pour a layer of distilled water in the larger tupperware and with the lid that fits in it you create an island. Put your dry boys on that island and seal. 3-5 days later through reverse osmosis packs recharged!

  • Switching over to medmama for awhile. Last few strains from loud in the past couple months have been yawn (fruity loop(non prem), prem mac, chemdawg). Plus shipping takes forever. Last MM order was on a monday and shit came Thursday. Ordered loud the same day shit came the following Tuesday lol. MM premium Jack was fire also!!

  • My friend who is new to the site said the chemdawg is the most potent stuff he ever had. He also likes the dutch treat.

    I'd go with greenhouse from med mama as I'm 2 for 2, but if loud gets any sundae driver, alien fire kush, blue dream you'd be kicking yourself if you didn't budget for those when they reappear. Med mama has mother's milk right?

    I feel like indoor bubba kush and gmo cookies are just led zeppelin albums to a sitting there collecting dust... And that's a hazard

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