Bud Size Discussion

I see a lot. Ok some people on here talking about bud size. Heres my opinion. I rather the smaller or med nugs. Dont like large donkey dick colas. Seems they usually break off the buds from the colas. Leaving nice small to medium buds. When i get that impressive donkey d cola. Yeah it looks nice. Got a 7gm bud. But when you break it down tou paid 10 dollars for a stick because you are left with a gram plus stem. If they would have broken them off into smll med buds then you would have got more med per $. ➕ it prolly vac seals better broken down. Thats just my 2 cents. I am feeling a bit verclempt (sp). Talk amongst yourselves 😂


  • I tend to agree. Smaller buds are easier to handle and you can actually tell how much you're smoking if that's a thing you're into. It's great if they're all 1g.

    Then again, there's something super impressive about a big dense bud that's covered in hairs and crystals. But I don't like paying for huge stems either.

  • Add another notch on the hookah for me with smaller nugz. My goto are about nickel sized, up through half dollar size. The bigguns are fun to show off to friends for those who have them, but otherwise I break colas down prior to boveda storage. With that said, “smalls” or popcorns aren’t my thing.

  • Always prefer the bigger untrimmed buds - not worried in the least about stems. Have never used a grinder either - why would you unnecessarily lose kief and trichomes? Many years ago, got a 30 gram top cola of Maui Waui - it was the best bud ever and took 3 months to finish!. Had to buy a large plastic storage cube for this immense giant cola.... Also had a 20 gram top cola of California sinsemilla - That's the real premium Cannabis sativa!!! Only available now to growers and CEOs ....

  • Small is fine with me. Never seen true popcorn buds here. Talking about the open airy mini bids from the undercarriage of the plant that does not get enough light. That being said. If the price was right i would buy them. Better than shake as they are potent just a pia.

  • @agingboomerfl My roommate bought 10 pounds in college right before I moved out, but he let me pick a bud to have for myself. It was over an ounce!

  • I really don’t care what size the buds are as long as the high is nice 👍

  • It's the motion of the boveda, not the size of the senorita

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