Vape refills soon

Anymore vape refills coming soon @medmama ?



  • On it, just made an order

  • Thanks so much 😘

  • @medmama is a boss. I just got my order (2 days early!) and they hooked me with splitting the syringes, no problem at all.

  • I want to try them soon I like the discreetness of vaping at work

  • @Bayoubud87 i'm right there with ya. that's what i used vaping for, at work or when i'm out and about. but mostly at work. (lunch & break etc. . not AT work .. haha) idk if the Super Silver Haze is still up there but that's been my very favorite so far, for daytime @ work .. but yeah def. discreet.. that's the way to go. i still have about 1 syringe left of Ghost Train Haze which is also very good. just a bit strong for daytime but still really good. but i'm gonna have to squeeze in an order soon!

    thanks @medmama !!

  • @v32Finish i didn’t see any refills went with the sfv shatter waiting to see more refills listed and try to get some

  • @v32Finish I just got super silver haze today (and grape ape) and omg it makes me sneeze like crazy lol

  • @Essy0522 i've had that happen! it wasn't with the super silver haze though. but i know what you're talking about . :joy: i hope they get more of that, as i really enjoyed it

    @Bayoubud87 yeah i saw that, i went ahead and went over there and checked shortly after posting. lol. at least there's more incoming!!

  • @Essy0522 @v32Finish what’s your favorite daytime strain to stay productive and focused? Looking for a 🔥 sativa!!!

  • Yay. It got cold. Refills time

  • @Reshi the super silver haze isn't bad at all but for myself, I still haven't found the perfect strain yet. The elusive hunt continues lol

  • @Essy0522 I don't think it exists because once you find it, your body will get used to it and it will no longer be the perfect strain.

  • green crack & XJ13 are my 2 favorite daytime strains, for the most part. dolato as well, but.. batch dependent. same with jack herer.

  • ( @Reshi tagging you bc i didn't in my reply above :joy: )

  • @v32Finish what effects from xj and gc?

  • I get alot of energy & focus @MikeyC . There are very few strains that will have me literally jump up & start cleaning or doing chores . . Those are 2 of em

  • S.B. tangie does, as well.. but I am not in love with the scent/smoke .

  • @v32Finish - I really liked the train wreck I tried and wish I had gotten more. Waiting for some new ones to drop before I buy more - a lot of the hybrids make me too tired for daytime use so I’m going to stock up next time! Need to try some Dolato!

    @Essy0522 - I tried some super lemon haze recently but it made me kinda tired. My tolerance is high so seems like more I need to medicate the more sleepy it makes me. Not very good for being productive.

  • @Reshi that's one of the things i loved about XJ-13. . it didn't make me tired or groggy at all . Dolato is fantastic, but depending on the batch, it can be a little strong for like .. daily driver or early daytime bud or whatever you wanna call it.

    i'm always looking for good sativas.

  • @v32Finish yeah can’t wait for that to drop! Had xj13 once before and loved it! I keep looking - this is the week!

  • Damn now I gotta keep eye out for that, think I remember seeing either xj13 carts or something first time I checked site and wondered bout it cause never tried that I know of

  • New vape refills up for anybody else that’s been waiting

  • @Vapedad78 - you def need to get it out! Greencrack, Trainwreck, XJ and Jack H all on my list to buy. I bought Durban poison but am waiting to bust it out after I get more inventory on order but I have “high” hopes for it!

  • See I haven't been overly thrilled with any dp I tried🤣 but the others are on my "to try" list
    Blue dream is another that seems to barely effect me and had very high hopes because of all the supposed medicinal benefits, but they could've been knock off

  • @Rubygirl816 i just saw that! Strawberry cough sounds great. I missed it last round. Super Silver Shining looks like one to try for sure too! Exciting times!

  • @Reshi I have the blueberry goo right now I’m smoking and I really like it, so I ordered two more of them and two of the strawberry cough. LOVE strawberry cough and I’m not a big Sativa fan, lol

  • Great refill choices I’m gonna try an get some soon

  • @Rubygirl816 great to hear! Wish me luck on filling my first refillable carts! Just got some empties in to try. Hope it’s as easy as you all make it seem! They sub’d me some blueberry goo that now I’m anxious to try

  • @Reshi just make sure you heat the cartridge your filling, as well as the refill syringe.

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