Help me not freak out

Yesterday i had an amazon package delivered to a different mailbox which. one doesnt make sense because Amazon employees cant open mailboxes. So now today my package is still “Out for Delivery” and its 7:03pm and i’ve never had a package go past 3pm. I wonder what happened and im mad i just need to vent lol


  • yikes. seems suspicious. but, all the same.. just speaking from statistics, i would assume its much much more likely that you'll receive it, than not. .

    i would be freaking out, too. hope you get sorted . . let us know if it shows up!

  • Hope they get that sorted out, first package I ordered posted 10/2 label created arrived today, another 2 from later that day and one from 10/3 all still pre shipping wk an amazon on the way so really hoping they do the show up and then all scans catch up cause don't understand why they'd all still be sitting there especially at different locations too

  • Annnd my package is lost

  • If i dont get it tomorrow i’ll contact MB

  • If it's been over a couple of weeks do contact mm and don't get discouraged if you don't hear anything for a day or so and even then make sure you have done all you can and make your point clear. I'm speaking from recent experience and MM made everything more than copacetic. I really hope it shows tomorrow so you can relax. I've had order's take up to 10 days, hey look around if anything makes you uncomfortable come back a little later. Good luck and Great Karma to you.

  • Regular Usps delivers amazon packages , well they do down here

  • Yeah I had usps deliver my amazon order today

  • Yeah I had a loud order lost in the mail about a month ago but MM made it right and sent a new one.

  • I wonder what happens to the ones that get "lost in the mail"? They dont evaporate into thin air, do they sit in a storage room somewhere? Are there postal workers toking it up somewhere? I guess lost packages are one of the greatest mysteries of the modern era.

  • I got mine btw thank you guys! Lol

  • I have had mine show "out for delivery" and not show up until a day or two later. Sometimes I think the mailman overlooks the package during the route and it gets delivered another day or by a different one. I know it sucks and makes me paranoid when stuff like that happens.

  • i lost a oz last mth it was out for delivery but never made it i talked to all involved AND gone!!! and now my postman brings my deliverys to my door INSTEAD OF MY APT BOX.
    but yea i am sure somone had some fun toking time !!!!

  • Good stuff @BMan glad it showed up.
    man did they do anything about it @cmweems1964 ? I got a couple thought for sure would make it today but haven't updated over 24hrs and the oldest orders are still pre ship from last week while I've recieved stuff ordered after those had labels created so just at the mercy of usps currently and trying not to freak myself knowing others here been waiting lot longer than I have, still messes with my anxiety tho

  • Yea I got the wrong order on the first of October and I havent heard back from medboy since oct 2nd..I read louds having some difficulty in bud and in shipping I am alittle freaked out ..I am out of medicine and hurting I need my medicine @medboy please

  • @Thatguy I had an order once, that was "Out for delivery"... It definitely was not because the order came to my town, and then was sent to another state not near me.(after it updated from "Out for Delivery"). A month later, after USPS tell me its lost, it appears in my mailbox. I was very paranoid about that.

  • That's crazy lol shit disappears and shows back up 😱🤣

  • Vapedad78 yes i waited the two weeks contacted medboy they sent a replacment out that same week !!!!

  • hmm for me loud as been solid so far i have fruit loops jah goo dutch treat all from loud and all top shelf and Fire!!!!!all in the last 3 weeks all came in a week and no issue with informed tracking eveything 100% to NC

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    theunleet i have been waiting to for my oz to show up go figure never know!!!

  • @cmweems1964 I have had the same with medmama. Orders all, within a week, and tracking all the way to my door, here in NC. Now with loud, have an order in preship since the 25, and nothing else, no movement at all. Fingers crossed it pops up. First time I splurged and bought a half of premium too, lol. At least I have some blueberry zkittles to keep my calm while I wait. I contacted mm this morning.

  • @cmweems1964 You never know, if it gets lost it could still show up later!

  • It also helps to know, no matter what, mm always makes it right!

  • @cmweems1964 small world am in nc too and get my orders usely in the same time

  • Yeah, I’m in South Carolina and usually get mine within a week

  • LOTS of people from the Carolinas, if i remember.. giving LA a run for its money :joy:

  • They always come through, got my loud and mama today, almost dead on a weak, si idk what a couple packages are on there but apparently they weren't what I thought they were lol

  • I see medboy has not posted here since Sep 16th and I know medman was taking care of medboys emails and Medboy is still MIA HMMM!!!

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