Gulf Coast

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Someone is gonna get this Hurricane Delta
Thoughts are with everyone in the path
I know we can all use a laugh, so here it is



  • Make sure y’all reup!

  • Im so tired of this shit. It's been non-stop.

  • big yikes from H-town

  • @NOLA504 i know man this shit is crazy

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    as much as i would love to see NOBODY have to deal with flooding and devastation from hurricanes.. i like the kind of unspoken camaraderie among the gulf coast communities. I will never forget Hurricane Harvey & the way everyone acted during that storm & its aftermath.. made me proud to be from Houston. after that, first responders from here ( and regular citizens... AND those from other nearby communities too) would all go and relocate whenever a storm would hit .. just to help others, and to give their time & their services . i've seen alot of aid sent to Louisiana, Corpus Christie, and many other places .. as it's been sent here. i just think it's kinda cool, thinkin of it like that.

    ANYWAYS. lol yeah with all that said, ....damn. everyone be safe out there!! & we'll see what it does ...

  • I awaiting a shipment now from Medmama and Loud, but more than likely I'll get Medma's 1st because I haven't gotten a preship just yet from Loud.
    It's all good.

    I have some Blue Dream, some local Granddaddy Purple (it's alright it gets the job done), a few hits of crumble, and gumdrops.

    @NOLA504 I'm with ya on this! I have NO idea how Floridaians do this every year.

    @v32Finish I agree! I guess a lot of it has to do with the fact that we all know what it's like to go through these things

  • Yall guys and gals stay safe out there. Might be a breezy fri and sat

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    Moved from tornado alley in the midwest to the gulf coast...In the midwest you only had 15-20 minutes warning at best of an approaching tornado. Down here we get 4-5 days of mounting anxiety as the hurricane get's closer and closer and the weather channel hyperventilates over it....Stay? Go? Live? Die?........and we are in the middle of a week long classic car show.......Not fun.

  • Good luck y'all on storm watch

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    I always joke about the weather channel folks, and say they need a cig most of the time when there's a major hurricane headed to the US mainland because it seems they get sooooo worked up, and excited about it!

  • You know you're in trouble when Jim Cantore's in your neighborhood.

  • I certainly hope this is the last one of the year!

  • Looking like we gonna Neo another one in nola

  • Where I am, we're expected to get some storm surge, but not too bad, and just tropical storm force winds, hopefully.

    I'm glad nola is dodging the bullets, though! I'd hate to see another Katrina situation

  • I’m glad the storm isn’t affecting shipping so far, my order should be in tomorrow.

  • Crazy hurricane season this year

  • @Bayoubud87
    I was hoping you got yours today like me, man!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 it made it to n.o. today, saying it should be to me tomorrow.

  • @Bayoubud87
    Hopefully the winds won't be too bad for yall, and ya get it

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thats what I’m hoping for fingers crossed

  • You're welcome!

  • @MigraineWarrior79 good news package came through all good. The SFV shatter is fire I’m enjoying it. Got a freebie gummy too. Thanks @medmama and @medman & @medboy and crew

  • @Bayoubud87
    I'm glad things worked out well, man, and you're diggin the SFV!
    Those gummys are usually pretty good too.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 yea it’s really good. I’m waiting to try the gummy heard good things so that’s awesome. What’s the best way to store the shatter? Room temp? Refrigerator?

  • I've never had a problem keeping it at room temp

  • @MigraineWarrior79 thanks for the info 👍🏻

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