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If a discussion is to be had, I think an important part is for people to share how access to quality medicine has/is helping you. Personally, I can say that my quality of life has greatly improved. I went from being prescribed narcotics for pain management to only using cannabis. To look at me I’m fine, to look at my MRI...well...that’s a different story entirely. Muscle spasms, excruciating pain, depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness were the issues I have had problems managing since I became disabled. Thanks to a steady supply of quality medicine I was able to kick 4 prescriptions, get completely off of opiates (not in anyway saying this will work for everyone, just noting my personal experience), and resume a life that I feel is worth living. I would imagine I’m not the only person experiencing great benefits, and would love to hear some other “success” stories.


  • Glad to hear ur off that Evel stuff. I mayself have PTSD from my job of 25 yrs. And also was taken 150 mg of oxycodone a day due to bi/lateral leg fx . Access to this medicine as completely turned me around am now off the pain meds thanks to mm and mb. Am a sitiva Dom fan . Love the energetic type of meds. Really don't know what else to say other than am a person again and not having to worrie about running out of pain meds and antidepressants any more . And I have never recd a bad product in over 3 yrs .thanks mb

  • i've got lots of disease acronyms lol. along with counseling, quality meds helped me get off of pharmas for bipolar2 after 15 years walking around zombied. cannabis helps most with PTSD from a sexual assault when i was 15...because it enables me to not remember any of my dreams. when i stopped for about 8 years, i would have super violent dreams - almost punched my partner in the face during a few of them. i'm sure i still dream, but i don't act out or remember. pretty cool if you ask me. also helps with general anxiety, depression, insomnia and i even use it to help control my post-meal blood sugar spikes...i call it 'munchie in reverse.' hell, this stuff probably helps other stuff too that i don't even realize. i am a little concerned about all these years of combustion on my lungs though. lung cancer runs strong in my family and i'm an ex cig smoker too. but to be honest, smoking flowers is and always will be my favorite way to fly.

  • I’m a stage 3b rectal cancer survivor and all the bs that entails. I wish I’d had access to cannabis suppositories before I went through that hell. I might have been able to preserve some quality of life. Cannabis has quite literally saved me from feeding tubes and death if only to keep me from ending it all. I owe my 6 year NED status to cannabis. I was 45 when diagnosed and a widowed mom of a teenager. I wouldn’t be here without this plant.

  • Stories like this keep us inspired. Thanks so much for sharing, I know it can feel very vulnerable!

  • I was in a car accident that knocked my c7 out of alignment, and I've always had severe anxiety and depression issues, insomnia, and ADHD. There is no question the amazing potency of this medicine--it is the only thing that addresses all of my problems without terrible side effects. (I have been overprescribed by multiple doctors, resulting in more than one legitimately-prescribed drug withdrawal situations. Xanax withdrawal is completely terrible.)

    I am constantly grateful for the day I found MMs site, and for the service you guys provide. I've placed well over 100 orders at this point and I've never been disappointed! :love:

  • 100 orders? Wow. I tried to completely come off meds for depression but I couldn't get my mood stabilized just taking cannabis and natural supplements. I have been able to cut my meds by 2/3rds and stop taking ibuprofen for pain/inflammation. Cbd/thc combo works well for me. I only vape and ingest.

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    Congrats on the meds reduction. Add a homeless dog or two to your life and the remaining 1/3 could be a thing of the past. They help me a lot, seriously. In fact yesterday I fired my licensed pill pusher after 15+ years. Felt pretty damn good. Weed and dogs, it works for me!

  • Thanks for sharing your stories everyone. Very inspiring!

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