Med Mama added Gelato #33, Banana Punch, Orange Tree

edited October 2020 in General

New Strains up now


  • She's crushing it with these new hybrids!

  • Man alive, feel like I can't keep up with all the amazing sounding variety and forms I wanna try and compare, damn need to toke and relax

  • @Vapedad78 at some point i had to stop trying to get every single one that sounded good. lol. for a while, i definitely tried. :joy:

  • Right @v32Finish it kinda messes with my OCD trying figure out which variety of what form is gonna do what you need it to, so therefore least one of each is logical answer 😑😫🤪

  • Definitely been a candy store round here lately. I absolutely need NOTHING at this point and just grabbed a quarter zip of terp sauces and a half zip of that Ghost OG from mama @Vapedad78 You think your OCD is bad 🤣

  • Lol yeah @funkynugz I'm sitting decent and still waiting on 1 but needed(that's what told gf anyway) to try the jack frost and green crack 🤣 and had to grab some venom and grateful breath for buddy , I might end up having to try couple those newer flowers myself

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