Space Queen and XJ13

I'm trying to hold off buying any more until either of these two hit again. I joined early July and have seen both just once on here since then. Are these two strains that normally appear on here often or will I likely be waiting awhile (and perhaps want to buy other stuff in the meantime)?


  • Been seeing lot of people saying good things bout those

  • I have a feeling they will come again soon! I am always on the lookout for another batch of XJ-13

  • @TheProfessor hey got any recommendations on mama current flowers,

  • I just ordered some I door gelato 33 split it with indoor mimosa with 2 gs of blue Afghan goo cart refills I never had the cart refills or carts from this site hopefully good things

  • I looked at those same carts too but then another shiny item grabbed my attention 🤦‍♂️

  • Yeah I was new to the site when I saw the two strains and did not realize how often strains were rotated out so didn't order as much as I should have. I want to be able to smoke during the day without getting drowsy but I am very picky when it comes to sativa or sativa leaning hybrids as I have had instances in the past where smoking them made me anxious, dizzy, and paranoid to where it was unenjoyable. These two strains are able to avoid those adverse side-effects in me and allow me to be clear headed throughout the day and continue work and tasks after smoking. I have found a few others that react well with me in that sense (MAC, Blue Dream) but would deff jump and getting more XJ or SQ bud.

  • @NOLA504 couldn't agree more. i also like Green Crack & Jack Herer for daytime as well, but both of those strains kinda depends on the pheno and/or the batch. (whether i like em for daytime)

    I would definitely grab some XJ again! i only had a gram of space queen but i really liked it, too. i really got on well with the terp profile.. but i couldn't help but feeling "this isn't all that it could be!" again, prolly cuz i had a half-dried out gram only, but i remember really liking it ANYWAY.. but with the mental note also like "man i would love to see this come back as a premium or a really bad ass batch". seems hard to get sativas, like you JUST mentioned, that are 'good enough'/still good... but without needing to peel yourself outta the corner of the ceiling :joy: :joy:

  • XJ-13 is also a favorite of mine. I got an ounce of Sour Diesel to replace it. I still liked the XJ-13 better. I've never had Space Queen, but I've had Space Candy which is likely pretty similar. Loved that one as well - more of a hybrid though.

  • @v32Finish yeah I have some Jack Herer and find it as a good sub for XJ and SQ to use during the day. I have been curious about Green Crack but read where paranoia is a common side effect so was scared off.

  • I have seen the same thing, but it's never done that to me. Ive had green crack a good handful of times, 3 or 4 at the very least. Would definitely recommend. it never got me like that and it was an interchangeable substitute when I had my XJ and JH for daytime. 🙂 Would love to see that return, too!!

  • @Vapedad78 I'm really enjoying the heavy indica hybrids: Royal Kush and Skywalker OG. They're both really heavy hitters which is what I was looking for. I have plenty of daytime/afternoon/evening strains. The Lava Cake and Larry Bird (Gelato 33) look good. I'm also really intrigued by the Venom OG and the Grateful Breath, both sound pretty amazing, but I'll probably hold off for a little bit to see what Loud drops soon.

  • @TheProfessor yeah ended up snatching some venom and asked to split with grateful breathe, love Larry but had to try some different, gotta check through inventory and funds later see if I'm done for the min lol

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