Wedding Crasher😱🔥🥴

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Received my split half of Indoor Mimosa and what was supposed to be Wedding Cake..but instead received Mimosa & Wedding first glance I was like what?! since Wedding Cake looks 🔥 and is one of my fav’s..well let me say MedMama must of known I’d like it better 😱..the Mimosa is absolutely stunning that for another post..went straight for the Wedding Crasher because I was crashing my self with little sleep last night..

I’ll have to post pics tomorrow but these buds are so sticky and straight fire!Right up there with the recent blueberry skittlez.. I honestly thought there was glass shards all over the buds through the just pressed trichs!! Lots of them..definitely minimal amber color on those..anyway those who receive this batch should be very pleased..aroma is nice too..not as powerful as wedding cake..but very pleasant..oh yeah take it easy on this one..🔥🔥 thx @medmama!

Definitely an afternoon shot of espresso! 5/5


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