Never received payment confirmation

Kinda worried i made an order before lunch and still haven’t received a payment confirmation email


  • I received a confirmation(s) today about 30 minutes after sending. Used coinbase.

  • I used cash app never had a problem alway got confirmation not long after. I went check the address on blockchain I seen two transactions so I should be good I think 🤔

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    Same placed order and received confirmation within 30 minutes with cashapp this afternoon. I think if I understand prior threads as long as see the two you should be good.

  • @MoonMan5 no I haven’t got the confirmation email

  • @MoonMan5 i still never received confirmation gonna hope everything went through

  • @medman said that if you get a confirmation of the bitcoin being sent and accepted there is a 100% chance that they got the payment, despite the email not being received and that the order would be processed.

  • I had this issue last week still have not received confirmation email. Medman emailed me after few days said all was well my package did arrive. I just placed another order today paid with coinbase and its been about 4 hours no email for me yet again . I believe your good to go though since I received everything ok I think its just the auto generated email issue they may have.

  • @615don thanks buddy yea still no email but I believe everything will go through ok

  • Happened to me a week ago and I used ltc through coinbase. I believe after multiple messages with medboy that the issue is with their ltc wallet. My issue was resolved by some good customer service. Like everyone says They always deliver! Thanks to the shippers and all members of their teams for this service.

  • Yes we're having issues with litecoin payment confirmations. We have a new system that we're STILL working on but will be rock solid when it's released!

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