Orange tree

Has anyone tried this yet ?


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    Got some last week. It hits you in the head hard and quick, but fades almost as quickly leaving me with a headache. Not a strain for me. Others may differ.

  • I had some a few months back (not this batch) and it was my very favourite and potent bud that I ever had. Me and my friend were high for HOURS.

  • LOL! It just goes to show you, different strokes for different folks. :smile:

  • So true @Rockafire. Recently received mimosa, I hated it, the smell alone made me nauseous. My hubby loved it! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Mimosa is definitely a polarizing strain. Everyone either hates it or loves it. I love it.

  • The skill of the grower is the biggest factor at play.  Genetics are only the potential and master growers are few and far between...

  • I really enjoyed this strain. It gave the wife and I a uplifting, energetic high nd it taste just like an orange peel. I would absolutely reorder

  • This was subbed for the banana punch I ordered an ounce of. Meh

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