So happy

I just got my first order!!! I could not be happier. How do I thank you for this service? I live in a state that approved medicinal use and has just dragged its feet getting that going. I would go thru a friend’s “guy” who just had weed - no strains, no indica/saliva/hybrid...just weed.
I placed an order that was under $100 because I was leery of scams...and in less than a week it’s in my mail box with all these lovely little samples, everything well-packaged. You have earned undying loyalty and gratitude. I can now sample strains, different methods of thc delivery, more planning road trips to recreational states...your tutorials for bitcoin made life easy.
In my head I am Julie Andrews spinning around, surrounded by mountains, singing songs of praise to medicine man and medboy and everyone else involved. You are awesome. A thousand Thank yous!


  • Awesome sounds like me, careful in past couple month been here getting orders hooked me lol love seeing that update it's home🤣

  • @TabulaRaza you're going to love it here. Also, nice screen name.

  • @Vapedad78 yeah, too late - I am hooked. So many decisions ... 🤓

    @TheProfessor I know! I was here yesterday just digging the community vibe and relaxing about taking the plunge.

  • I have only been around a month or two and I know that feeling when your first order actually comes in the mail from mm and your so excited and happy it’s actually legit, well not legit, but you know what I mean, lol! I was ripped off a couple times myself, so when I got my first order from mm, I was thrilled! Now, like @vapedad said, I’m hooked also. There’s a great group of people on the forum too. Welcome and enjoy!

  • Yeah I’ve been around since 2014 and it’s a life saver! @TabulaRaza

    This forum is a nice addition as well.....

  • Welcome to the fam! 💚💨

  • Thank you, everyone! This forum is awesome and this site is SUCH a life-saver!

    Got a question. I have been smoking for a long time. I fear I live with someone who is immune to the natural medicine. I watch him barrel through carts, flower - vape and bong, edibles...had a bottle of potent tincture and it disappeared - turned up empty a couple days later and I never noticed him acting different, that bottle would have happily lasted me at least a month microdosing. When I ask for feedback the next day he claims he didn’t feel much, most descriptive I have gotten was he felt his shoulders relax. This amazes me because he has had next to no experience with natural medicine. This is a verbose man, a man who may have missed his true calling of being a pontificating college lecturer. He has words!
    I am thinking about getting the kief to add to a strong indica, or moonrocks to see if I can elicit a response that definitely lets me know he has been rocked by my hunting and gathering skills. I have not ventured into the world of concentrates yet but I am eyeballing those 50mg cookies. Any suggestions for the hard to please? Any strains that knock you on your ass after stressful day? Any delivery system you prefer?

  • @TabulaRaza , welcome! Good to see you found their site also. Have fun! They ALWAYS deliver.

  • @Kris10 I know - I have informed delivery and always see my mystery package pop up. I have never had a problem. Quality product and service!

  • I'd love to be on a reality show where you have to get people high!

  • @TabulaRaza Awesome opener story! Welcome 👍🏼
    I was in the exact same boat until I found this place.
    As for what to get, I would say check the THC levels and descriptions and aim for something high. But if the rest of the stuff didn't have an effect on him I doubt much will. I didn't find the edibles to be that severe. You should probably look into a Wax Vape Pen or Dab Kit and check out the shatter and wax. That stuff is high THC power. Just an idea. Otherwise, experiment with different strains. Might be one that hits him just right.

  • Helloooo - thanks for the responses. He has not had RSO. We have had vape pens and edibles. He has been "feeling something". I make my own edibles and have found the easiest is just making infused butter. I make a potent batch using 16oz of Kerry Gold butter and 1.5 ounces of new flower and whatever flower I had previously infused. I use the Ardent FX and after two infusions I toss it. That has been having an effect.

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