How to ask for freebies?

I know this is a dumb question but how should I ask for freebies and what options are usually available? I'm ordering the gumdrops for the second time and I want to know what I should request.


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    Joint, edible. I've even had a freebie half gram of shatter once.
    I always just say "freebie is up to shipper, thank you very much"
    Never had an order without one

  • I just text "joint" in the comment section

  • Yep me to i put (Joint for freebee please) works 99% of the time for me.

  • I usually ask for flower freebie your choice thank you. Very rarley i get an edible. Have gotten strain specific and sugar trim joints. Big and small. Half and gram flower samples from greenhouse to premium.

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  • Thanks for the replies, I'll do this on my next order

  • Please sir may I have sum moorah

  • MORE.... You want MORE 😂

  • I just ordered again and this is how I ask for a joint. Mimosa joint please. I love you!

  • when it was warm here in Louisiana, I would just tell them in the comments "Please send a freebee joint, worried about heat" but now I just put "Any freebee would be welcomed". Havent been disappointed yet. It's a great way to find new products or strains that ive never had and may like but don't want to purchase immediately for fear of how I react to it or what not.

  • Do freebies come with anything you order including vapes?

  • I have only ordered flower, but it wouldn't hurt to include a similar message in the comments section for a vapes order

  • @DudleyDiccle
    Freebies come with everything, darlin

  • Tell them a good joke first 🤣

  • Got my package today from medmom all I got was my flower no freebie.dont guess she's doing freebies anymore!

  • I forgot to specify and didn't get one this time but have on just about every other

  • I rarely put anything in the comments section, unless I'm requesting a split, but we usually get freebies from both shippers; a joint, cookie, gummy, and sometimes nothing. Got lucky today and received two freebie joints of Space Candy with my Loud order!

  • @Kayla I'm thinking the same thing. I haven't gotten a freebie with my last 3 mama orders

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