RSO for pets?

Anyone have any insight reguarding rso and dogs? I have a 12yr approx 100lb rescue who, along with myself, has been taking cbd daily. I’ve recently decided to try rso for myself and I’m trying to decide if it’s a good switch for him as well. Thanks for any feedback.


  • My friends pit tried eating ny pocket I had some jack frost sauce in lol loves it I guess, know he eats stems lol

  • Careful with the dosage or he will end up looking like your avatar. When i used to grow mine loved to munch on the leaves. Had to keep him out of tje room.

  • From my own experience taking RSO and having worked rescue/vet for a number of years I’d say it’s a bit over the top for pups. Especially the initial dosing. They’re really sensitive to THC - more so than humans.

    With that said I do give my coonhound rescue with PTSD and ridiculous anxiety at least 30mgs CBD per day. Some days it helps, others not. And wear out (tolerance) time varies greatly among pups just like it does for us.

  • Yeah I'd say no thc for dogs too!

  • I gave half a 10 mg indica gummy to my pet pig when it was horrible weather and he was stuck inside for 2 days and couldn't calm down. I will never do it again. Poor guy was wigging out. Gave him a melatonin/CBD gummy to help counter act the effects which helped.

  • Thank you everyone. My guy has severe separation anxiety and pain pain in his hips. His CDB is full spectrum and does have trace amounts of THC, but only that. Had to ask the question. Thank you again!

  • i gave my Cairn terrier tiny little pieces of my butter smushed/folded into a piece of cheese when he was dying. :cry: i could tell how much relief it brought him and i could feel he was literally thanking me when he finally could fall asleep in my arms .

    this went on for a week or so until i had worked up the courage to take that drive. :heartbreak:

    so.. while i definitely would agree about watching the dosage and not wanting to harm them.. and being uber careful/last resort type deal.. i have seen with my own eyes cannabis used as extremely effective medicine on a dog and my opinion will never change on that.

    (that said.. i was doing like a tiny little pea-sized smear or less, which can't have amounted to much.. i think that batch i used a 1/2oz to make like 3 sticks of butter, so not super potent, .. but i literally could feel the pain and suffering melt out of his tiny body)

    man dude legit almost 20 yrs later and that still brings on the ol stingin tears

    RIP Auggie

    good luck @OP .. follow your heart . you will do the right thing!

  • I wish I would have even thought to give my kitty who passed from feline leukemia a tiny amount of thc to ease his suffering before I brought him in to end the pain...
    Now I know, and it'll never happen to the Dutchy.

    I'll see my little prince again one day 🌈

  • For end of life usage with animals my views of THC soften with compassion. Yeah a little medbutter or a drop or two of non alcoholic indica tincture likely would be helpful. Dosing is just so tricky though especially with smaller pups and cats. I’d just steer clear of RSO for any critter other than us hairless monkeys.

    Unrelated anecdote: My 44 lb Aussie mix gobbled a little less than half a smoked joint and was totally miserable for 36 hrs. Shaking, puking, stumbly walking. Kinda like I was when I ate too large a glob of RSO 🤣

  • @NOLA504 How does melatonin counteract an indica edible? Wouldn't that just make him feel more stuck..or something?

  • I've been an Animal Rescuer for over 35 years and you have to know what you are doing when giving any THC product to dogs! Never, ever give to cats! Unfortunately I've seen every horror known to man, and by man, in my many years of rescuing. Much peace from the Cajun state.

  • Man my buddy same dog the pit was going crazy again, I'd brought some hindu kush for buddy to try while we knocked out an oil change on my truck and dog twice tried nibbling my leg and again only difference than any other time I been there was really strong concentrate in my pocket

  • @DudleyDiccle it was a VitaDreamz cbd/melatonin gummy. The THC gummy had him wigging out and the VitaDreamz calmed him down.

  • Here's the thing about RSO, and it applies generally to people, too. Rick Simpson popularized this stuff for prostate conditions. It works because the viscosity of the oil is...insane. This ensures that the medicine survives not just the intense acidity of the stomach, but enzymatic degradation in the small intestine. This is good for a dysfunctional prostate (and, I wonder, the colon, also, for those with cancer). High-THC RSO will also take you (and, presumably your pet) to hallucinogenic places. For the scale of medication required by most people, and pets, I don't think RSO is worth the costs associated with the digestive upset. If increasing the CBD dosage is the goal, grab some industrial hemp CBD kief and put it in capsules, inside some liver treats. CBD kief is extremely cheap compared to high-THC kief--and it will probably be better for your pet.

  • OMG, @georgetirebiter we have missed you!!! Glad you're ok. Welcome back and please stay! :smiley:

  • @georgetirebiter Are you saying the rso upsets the digestive system soo much the payoff isn't worth ingesting? Just curious cause a buddy and myself both dealing with painful intestinal issues neither our dr can diagnose and wondering about it

  • @Vapedad78, for me it was not worth it. If I'm dealing with cancer, the tradeoff might be different, though. I don't use any form of edible, for this reason. I do make my own RSO, for suppositories.

    Fun fact: In April, 2019, my PSA was at 2.7 (abnormal is 2.6, cancer worries begin at 4.0, I believe). Since using RSO, topically applied several times weekly (and several times monthly in suppositories, also) my PSA has dropped to 0.9 (in February, 2020). Despite my fake name on the internet, these are very real results. I dug them out last week, just to verify that I was remembering correctly. I expect to report even better results when I re-test early next year.

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