Premium purple punch?

I see that @LoudnCo and @medmama both have premium purple punch. Is there a difference between the 2, or are they the same grower? I need something strong and good. Any suggestions?


  • very unlikely to be the same grower. very interesting. 3 different batches of purple punch on the menu concurrently!

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    I’ve got an oz of Loud’s Purple Punch coming. Reviews of their last batch were questionable enough for them to state in the new listing that this is a different grower. I’m betting it’s an outstanding batch!

    And definitely different growers between Medmama and Loud...opposite ends of the Coast.

  • Let's see if your hypothesis is correct

  • The old batch of purple punch wasn’t fully cured. I still have a little bit of it and it’s getting better each day.

  • @StonedNinjaHippie that’s good to hear. Poor quality cannabis is not the norm here.
    @MikeyC made sense to me at the time!

  • @TheProfessor for sure. Very pleased with what I have received here so far. Wish the strains would last (stay on the site longer) longer lol High demand 😁

  • @StonedNinjaHippie over time, I’ve found that if I don’t buy within the first 24 hours it’s on the menu, I just don’t buy...and I buy plenty.

  • Thanks everyone!
    @TheProfessor will look for your review 😀

  • @Reshi the package is supposed to arrive today!

  • Thanks @TheProfessor. I’ve got funds for a zip of something spectacular but am on the fence. Need this to tide me over for a while

  • Received our Premium Purple Punch from Loud. The buds are medium to small (nothing bigger than 1.8g) but very frosty and light green as listed, although the hairs seem a bit more dark amber. The aroma is amazing! Strong berries! I was going to wait...but couldn't, and should have...I'm quite baked! It's 4:30p and although I'm functional, I could easily, and may, take a little nap before the wife gets home. Yep...zoning. It's been awhile since we've had Purple Punch (over a year?), but this has moved right up into my bedtime strains rotation! Thanks Medicineman!

  • @TheProfessor dang I gottaget me somma that! Hope they come out with carts of it for convenience sake I’ll stock up! Thanks!

  • @TheProfessor Appreciate the review!

  • Looks like I'm a victim of the new substitution policy. I got a zip of nice Oaktown Crippler instead of the half and half split with Loud's premium Purple Punch. It's quite beautiful, the Crippler; textbook Loud premium. Exactly as advertised.

    I would prefer no substitution as a policy, frankly, if it's not going to be honored consistently. I was hoping for that knockout Purple Punch as my end-of-day medicine. That said, I'm grateful for the Oaktown Crippler. It's been six months since ordering Loud's Premium stuff. In an uncertain world, it's good to know that some things remain constant.

  • Sorry to hear that @georgetirebiter, I was really on the fence over the Crippler. Looks like a really nice strain. But, I too was looking for something heavier like the Purple Punch. I'm glad I was able to get some, but that didn't stop me from snagging some of the new Blackberry and Frankenstein Indoor. I don't know much about the Frankenstein, but the Blackberry always lays me out. The only other strains that have had that kind of effect on me has been Pure OG and 5th Element.

  • @TheProfessor I do love Blackberry, but this recent greenhouse version was not my favorite. This Oaktown Crippler is super stoney and pleasant. It's the kind of weed that will help you understand how good the Allman Brothers really were, even if you never liked the Allman Brothers. (This is also true about Procol Harum.)

    Outdoor stuff can't come soon enough. What are the odds we'll get some 5th Element outdoor? Mother's Milk? Slurricane? Some enterprising grower out there has to have seen how those blew up this forum, back in February or so...and whoever grew that Jaeger last year, I'm a repeat customer for life on that licorice stick.

    Didn't mean to make that sound dirty, it's just what I do...

  • Wait, it's the infamous georgetirebiter!

    " welcome back to the land of the living, my friend! you have slept for quite some time!"

    lol.. I haven't had the pleasure, i think i showed up right after you left, but just know that I heard ALOT of people comment about you . you were missed & obviously well-liked and respected. i had to check the timestamp a few times to see if it was actually a current post.

    anyway.. ahem. hopefully that wasn't awkward. i'm not a fan of the substitutions.. i understand that sometimes they HAVE to do it, but I can't help but feel like they often do it when it's not imperative. i've only been truly disappointed a couple times, but it's really a bummer to be hoping for something and then not get it. and then see it still on the menu. yikes

    aanyway. no complaints from me, tho, for the most part. very grateful for the service existing at all.

    cheers to all


  • He wasnt dead he was mostly dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive......... To blave means to bluff he must owe you money..... 😂 god will anyone get that. sorry its the blackberry kush. Dread Pirate Sponge

  • @georgetirebiter I held off on that round of greenhouse and am hoping for better things with this batch of indoor. But, you know the game; we hope it meets expectations...and if if doesn't you move on to the next batch. The Oaktown Crippler sounds like a winner! (Fortunately I've never "needed" cannabis to understand the goodness of The Allman Brothers and Procol Harum...but it sure doesn't hurt!)

    Yes! I check the menu for outdoor everyday! There were some absolute stunners...Including that amazing Jaeger! Really am glad to know you're well!

  • @georgetirebiter welcome back very glad to see ur reviews

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    @TheProfessor how was the Frankenstein from loud? Have you gotten it yet? I think I saw somewhere you ordered it

  • Hey @Rubygirl816 yes, I ordered 2 oz Blackberry/Frankenstein split the afternoon it hit the menu (last Tuesday). ID said it hit the regional facility this afternoon and was heading our way for delivery tomorrow. Hopefully everything will be split properly and I'll be able to let you know tomorrow after work. :smile:

  • The best weed I’ve ever had pleasure of smoking, smells like berries and it completely leaves you mental. Exceptional 💯

  • My son received his Frankenstein yesterday and said it is the fruitiest sweetest bud that completely lived up to its description. Highly recommended. 😎

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