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They’ve got some new indoor strains up! Looks like another order this afternoon: at least a z of the Blackberry Kush and another z of either the Frankenstein or Mendo Breath. I’ve never had Frankenstein. I love the Blackberry’s like my #1 for sleep...and have enjoyed Mendo Breath in the past.



  • Yes! Blackberry kush and Frankenstein! Just in time!
    Neverk tried BK. Frankenstein is a favorite!! Just ran out! 🧟‍♂️

  • Just ordered a z of each of the Blackberry and Frankenstein! Really looking forward to trying Frankenstein!

  • I ordered the blackberry and mendo. I’ve had the mendo in carts before and really liked it.

  • I remembered you said BlackBerry was a good sleep med @TheProfessor

  • @Rubygirl816 it's my top strain for sleep! I have several that are pretty good: Royal Kush, Skywalker OG, Grape Ape, and Pure OG, but that Blackberry Kush is a knockout for us. Woke up at 3:00 this morning, vaped a little Blackberry Kush flower, and was out! Glad it popped up again, I'm down to my last 5-6 bowls.

  • That’s funny you mention grape ape. I’ve been wanting to get the shatter medmama put up of it. I’ve had that too, in cartridges, and really liked it as well.

  • Did everyone get a payment confirmation? I see on the order page you can check for two transactions and I see the two, I just always get a confirmation email, first time I haven’t.

  • Frankenstein was great! Love the mango flavor. Still have atleast a oz. Blackberry Kush is always a winner and still have 1/4 left. Mendo Breath is the only thing I haven't had in long awhile. I may grab a oz if it's available in a couple of days.

  • That BlackBerry looks good but i just restocked. Don’t you hate it when they drop the amazing bomb selection after you restock 😂 wish I had spare BTC

  • @MizterNiceGuy I'm looking forward to the sounds great! Mendo Breath is always good, but I had to restock my Blackberry! @Rubygirl816 I have just a little Grape Ape flower, but I still have about one and a half carts of Grape Ape left...also in my sleep meds rotation.

  • Soon enough I’ll give some blackberry kush a proper wake and bake and we’ll see what’s what 🤩🤣

  • Think I’m going to grab some blackberry kush to add to my collection. Hard to pass it up lol

  • California Orange!! Been waiting for this to come tasty! Got a split of that and either BK or Fruit Punch..Asking @LoudnCo decide 🤞🏼..both sound great

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    It's been a rough week financially but I have finally placed my Mendo Breath oz. & California Orange oz. order today. I've missed out on both of these strains when MM has offered them in the past. 5-minute payment confirmation!

  • My Blackberry and Frankenstein are out for delivery today! I hope they split it correctly. I’m looking forward to trying some Frankenstein this afternoon!

  • @TheProfessor i just received my BlackBerry. Was supposed to be split with mendo and it wasn’t. I’m not unhappy just because I knew better and checked the one that I really wanted this time, in case they didn’t split. The BlackBerry is 🔥. Smoking right now.

  • Nice half ! Ok guess I’ll grab half of the mendo now

  • Lol @Rubygirl816 that’s how I do it. The Blackberry looks great! I hope they got the split right, but if not, I’ll be happy with a couple z’s of Blackberry.

  • Ugh, no more mendo breath. Let me know how the Frankenstein is @TheProfessor, if they split it, maybe I will grab some of that, but then again, I probably should wait. Medmama should be dropping something soon hopefully

  • I must be stoned cause now I see mendo breath 😂😂😂

  • Lol...sounds like the BK is pretty good! I’d probably be asleep!

  • @Rubygirl816 I'm glad you got the Blackberry and it even looks as fire as the batch I have now from Loud. Wish I could've got more.. I went with Mendo Breath split with Cali Orange this time around. Lately if it isn't Premium, I end up getting no split from Loud. All you can do is hope for the best. I guess inventory issues still.

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    A small plain brown box was sitting on the bench outside my front door! Delivery complete! Ordered Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday was a holiday, and it was delivered today. Not bad. I received my 2oz split as requested, both Blackberry Kush and Frankenstein. Both are really beautiful! Frankenstein is medium to mostly smaller buds and aren't as pretty as the Blackberry. I don't know how is smokes/vapes yet, but although it's Indoor, the Blackberry Kush looks premium...really absolutely stunning! But back to Frank, I'm really enjoying the aroma, and it smokes really nicely. I'd read it might be harsh, but I'm not having a problem. I just finished smoking my first bowl and I highly recommend it. I'm not walking around like a pieced together, brought-back-to-life monster, but I'm pretty damned stoned and I feel great...very relaxed, but not overly sedating (for me) but definitely a pretty heavy indica! @Rubygirl816 Frankenstein is awesome! Plus, we got two Space Candy freebie joints! We've never tried Space Candy. Thanks LoudnCo and thanks Medicineman! I need a snack!

  • I ended up ordering a half of the mendo. I didn’t bother to ask to split. Hope it’s good, lol. I agree the BlackBerry does look premium. Maybe better than a few of the premiums I have tried!! Don’t mind at all they didn’t split the BlackBerry! Enjoy your goodies @TheProfessor

  • I also received my blackberry kush today. The buds are nice size with with kief steadily falling off. The aroma isn’t as strong as some of the others but the potency is definitely there. It will put you on your ass for sure.

  • I accidentally checked fruit punch but immediately sent enail asking if could switch to BlackBerry if didn't hold up shipping and not a problem, so waiting to see which comes, looks and sounds good congrats

  • Hope you get the Blackberry like you want @Vapedad78, it's really fine cannabis! I'm glad I was able to restock and this batch seems to be just as good as the last.

  • Appreciate it @TheProfessor mean I'm sure they FP is really nice as well just meant to go indie- dom and wasn't taking my time paying attention like usually do, but y'all making that BlackBerry sound like needs to be in my life🤣

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