Greenhouse wedding cake?

has anyone tried the greenhouse wedding cake from Mama, I see no reviews here on it so just wondering, or has anyone tried the papaya punch


  • Waiting on my pp

  • @Ken_K waiting on some now.I will let you know when I have review will be from a rookie smoker I haven't smoked for 5 years but my anxiety is getting really I'm back to my medication. Il let you know

  • @Kayla welcome! interested in the reviews on this, as well as a couple others. (mama's Mac 9, the Fruit Punch or whatever it's called, mendo, etc)

    Thanks for letting us know how the wedding cake is, once you get ahold of it!

  • The wedding cake is some nice stuff with a great buzz and smell taste is exceptional.wish I would have ordered more.I would recommend highly .beware your mouth will be watery once you open the last smell proof bag it fills the room.

  • Ugh, another one they didn’t split for me and I missed out on the wedding cake. Enjoy @Kayla wedding cake is one of my favorites.

  • I've never had an issue with them splitting 1/2s. What do you write?

  • Wedding cake review: from medmama thanks guys!

    Just arrived today, that warm fuzzy you get when you see out for delivery brings a smile!

    Tried it out and two thumbs up.

    Nice look, taste and feeling.

    Thanks medicineman and medmama!

    Will prob try loud next I like to alternate As both have been great.

    Wedding cake is usually one of my favs.

    Happy close to weekend all!

  • @MikeyC i write half papaya punch half wedding cake. Or whatever I want split at the time. It was just overlooked.

  • Sorry to hear that. Next time maybe list more options if something is out. They technically fulfilled what they had and played it safe.

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