No movement been days

ordered on nov 8th label created same is nov 12th says usps still waiting on long does it take to start showing received and shipped. Ordered from med mama.i haven't ordered in 5 years I'm hoping this site is still discount code doesn't even work now. Can someone explain I'm new to this informed delivery crap


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    Hi @Kayla, Informed Delivery, for the most part is just that, "crap!" Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. We ordered Nov. 10th, and it showed label created today. Who knows, it may or may not move in ID, but my package will arrive, sure thing, around a week probably. If faster, great! Yep, I've only been ordering from Medicineman about 3 years, but the site is still absolutely legit and still providing great products! They did away with regular discount codes. They lowered their prices a while back, and there will be a holiday sale next month.

  • @TheProfessor thank you. I just hope it shows up.its been sitting in waiting since the 8th saying usps is waiting on your package

  • @TheProfessor in the past I always got my just now starting back smoking it's been a few years hopefully the wedding cake will give me some relief and sleep

  • @Kayla I understand the stress of just not knowing. But Medicineman always delivers! I haven't had this batch of Wedding Cake, but it's one of my favorite strains. I still have some from a couple of batches ago. Great strain, enjoy!

  • I ordered from med mamma the 7th label created the 8th and same deal as you. It’s not showing progress. All you can do is wait 14 days to see if it shows up. If you don’t receive it by 14 days email them. They will make it right

  • @StonedNinjaHippie let me know if you have any changes please.any details do the same.i used madman slot but it's been 4 or 5 years this informed delivery thing we didnt have then I dont think.we ordered and on the 5th day it was in the mail

  • Don't panic.

    There have been some issues with the post office, but Medman is legit. It has been my experience as a customer here for just over 2 years now that my orders get to me on average in about 7 days after I see the "label created" notice in the ID.

    I waited 10 days for an order from Loud once but it made it. Also from Loud, I got an order in 5 days once.

    Add a day for Veterans Day. :wink:

    I am in west Texas, out in the sticks, as some might say.

  • @justaguy thank you for your time.

  • @Kayla mine finally started to move. It updated this morning.

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    Once you truly and fully give up all hope, it will start to move. Always. At least with MedMan. No customs to deal with. Now with those bastards, when it stops moving this long you know a love letter is coming...sometimes stuffed inside your own opened package.

    I'm in domestic mail purgatory myself. The strain I have on order was on the menu so long, you probably don't remember it..."Arriving Late" since November 2.

    Lots of bastards out there, but MedMan isn't the problem. Don't panic!

  • Has anyone had their package disappear on informed delivery it traveled to 4 different hubs then all of a sudden says sorry your package cant be tracked try again later

  • @Kayla that just means there was a glitch in the system, it happens from time to time but your package is still otw

  • why do people even go by informed delivery it is never right and you always get your packages, so why keep looking at the ID just to get frustrated

  • @Ken_K why read the comments on this page if you dont like seeing questions? Be kind please or dont comment on my questions. Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. By the way I'm a newbie to this page hope your nicer to other new people Im new to informed delivery as well. it's odd to me. Start smoking that happy sativa or something. Cheers mate!

  • excuse me! I was not referring that to anyone special so keep you comments to yourself...Thank you

  • Sorry about your experience with MM so far Kayla, it will get better. I had an order missing until today I placed an order on 10/27 never made it here after the standard going back and forth for a few days "very understandable " today I was notified a replacement order has been shipped. Give this forum a chance for a while longer there's great information about the quality of strains and some truly amazing people. 😉 Mails a Mnting

  • @MNTDWLER it came the other day.sorry forgot to update. Thanks for the reply though

  • @mntdwler did you ever find out what happened to your original package? are you concerned that there's a package floating around out there?

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