Blueberry OG

I ordered Blueberry OG from Med Mama. I don't usually order Premium but both the blueberry's looked beautiful. I ordered an 8th of each, the muffin, and OG. Both are as described. I have seen reviews of the Blueberry Muffin which tastes amazing.

This is an initial review of the Blueberry OG. It has an earthy blueberry flavor but leaves a tickle or itch at the back of the throat which doesn't last long. I tried several more hits then started cooking supper. That may have been a little ambitious. Every mistake I made, I started giggling. Not sure if supper turned out but we had a great time laughing. As soon as supper was over, I had a nice head/body high and felt sedated, Medication, food, I crashed leaving clean-up for others.


  • Thanks so much for the review. Haven’t been able to get the blueberry OG yet. Did have the blueberry muffin and agree with you, so good. I loved it more than anything else I’ve gotten yet on MM. I also haven’t been around that long, lol

  • Medication, food, and leaving clean-up for others...I should have gotten some of that Blueberry OG. :smile: Great review, thanks! I'm also a longtime fan of Blueberry Muffin!

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    Yeah I went split of muffin and triple chocolate last night, looking forward to both if they split it, came close on the og sounds like a good time lol

  • I was subbed Blueberry Og for BlackBerry kush, and I'm not in the slightest angry about it!

    I giggle at everything when I smoke it just like @Gen

  • GenGen
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    I have a question. I want to get a full gram Vape refill. Are we allowed to request a half gram vape refill of XJ13 and a half gram refill of ?(not sure)? in the comment section on the order form? It is not talked about in the rule section. I also plan to get some strain.

  • Yes. Make your request in the comment section. I doubt you can split vapes, but you can ask nicely. You never know.

  • @Gen the refills come as gram in each syringe, but you can definitely split the refills as I've done it several times. You just have to mention on your order form.

  • Yep just write in the comment section. I just got split of wedding cake and strawana. Both are excellent

  • Thank everyone for your kind replies. I went a little crazy when 420 blessed us. I wish I had more money. Sadly, my funds are short. I would have bought a sample of every strain, vape, shrooms and even considered trying their Concentrates. Never tried the concentrates. From what I have seen, I would need to get the right equipment to use them.

    I do not remember what I ordered except for a half gram vape refill XJ-13 and asked nicely for a half gram vape refill of something else plus some strain. A long time ago, I ordered XJ-13 and I am hoping it is as good as I remember. I almost missed the sale. So much is going on. I have had 3 surgeries in the last two months. Five months ago, I lost my mother and her estate ended up in probate and contested. My mother doesn't have much but I learned a lot about writing a Last Will in FL. Avoid Probate, it is expensive and a paperwork nightmare.

    Sorry, I digress. I was so excited about 420. I really need the medicine. I put in one order, the order form said it was an invalid order after I verified I was human and hit the order button. I thought I filled it out too slow. and tried again. I got the same message. Now I was in a panic. Like a fool, I did not stop, I tried it a total of 7 times. Even refreshed my browser and tried another browser. When I finally looked at my email, I had 7 wallet addresses. OK, now I was confused, and, feeling foolish because I could not figure it out. I didn't know what to do. At that point, I was sure I missed the sale. Finally, I sent an email to MM and MB. I have been with them since the beginning but I hated bothering them especially on such a busy day but I was desperate. They told me they got the orders and told me what wallet address to use which was the first one I received. I paid and all is well except my pride and jumbled mind.

    I told MM and MB that I loved them for helping so many of us and solving stupid mistakes that individuals like me make.

    My boyfriend always buys street stuff which is alright - not. I don't use his medication. When I get an order, I have to protect half of it from him. I think I have him sold on buying from this site. He loves what I get so hiding it has become an artform

  • I haven't heard a not joke since Borat! Good one!

  • Great post, @Gen ! we are all human. i too am grateful for Medman & MB for all they do to keep us sorted. im pretty sure i have come very close to paying for the same order twice.. not sure what would happen if you manually sent the same amount of BTC to the same wallet address a 2nd time.. not sure if i woulda got that one back; one thing i don't like about BTC transactions is that it very much feels like you're launching your money out into the stratosphere.. usually it always lands where it needs to, but i can't escape the feeling that if it misses.. ha. might just be gone forever. ;)

    anyways hope everything is going well for all. i just got some starbucks coffee, a rare treat, and am going to sit here and wake n bake with my coffee and a lil Bacio.

    happy Sunday all

  • @v32Finish, I also ordered some Bacio. A half of XJ=13 and told them to surprise me with the other half. They sent me a half vape refill of Banana Kush. It all arrived just in time today. I am taking a 5 day working trip in the morning. There are 2, Bacio and Banana Kush that I have never tried and I am looking forward to trying it all this week. Enjoy your wake n bake and coffee.

    I forget how I warmed up the vape oil to make it easy to get it into cartage. It has been several years since I ordered any. Sigh. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    I feel the same way about bitcoin. One character or number wrong, that money is gone. In all these years, I have never lost any money thanks to the copy and paste feature but the stratosphere can be frightening.

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