First Delayed Shipment in 5 years

Happy weekend, MM family!

I ordered an oz of Mimosa & Amherst Sour D on 10-27 and it shipped 10-28. Unfortunately according to tracking it is showing delayed in transit. How long does USPS wait before they mark the package as lost? I know with the election mail was somewhat delayed but I already received a new order from Loud. Anyways it is coming down to me running out of bud so I’m really just looking for extra info. How long is the longest you have waited? I have been a customer 5 years and never had any issues and this is not even MedicineMan fault, but the post office.


  • @Kris10 i know you might be hesitant, but did you use the find missing mail. I did when my packages were arriving late. I had four at once, not all mm, “arriving late”. Once I put the contact form in for missing mail, within few days they popped up again, one by one.

  • @Rubygirl816 I have never heard of that. I will try that on the website now. Thank you so much for your advice

  • Thanks RubyGirl I've got a order out 17 days now. Longest ever from MM . Med boy has alerted the shipper to track it down. When I have an idea what happened and I feel safe, then I'll look it up. Mailing and Dwelling🤫

  • The mail is definitely not as fast as it used to be. Some folks see a 3-4 day turnaround, others closer to two weeks. This is why we have our 14 day rule, we don't inquire on tracking for at least 14 days. Whenever we do it earlier the package inevitably shows up.

    Hang in there, no matter what happens we'll make it right. :)


  • @medboy I know your team will make it right, I have confidence in that! Best company I do business with, that’s for sure! I filed a claim with USPS and they are searching for the mail piece. Wish me luck everyone 😂 I need some of that Mimosa lol

  • @Rubygirl816 , I filled out the missing mail tracker and now it is showing it should deliver today! I hope that is accurate! I truly appreciate your suggestion and will let you know if it comes today 😊

    Amherst Sour Diesel and Mimosa premium, I’m so excited!

  • UPDATE: I filed the missing mail claim and VOILA! THANK YOU TO RUBY AND MED BOY!

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