Types of delivery

@medboy - I have 2 orders coming in, one from MedMama and one from Loud.

I noticed that MedMama is shipping my order First Class mail, which I have not seen before, while Loud shipped using Priority mail, which is what I am accustomed to.

Is this a change in shipping, or has this been going on and I am just now noticing?


  • Yep perfectly normal changes like the boxes do.

  • Yeah but first class takes longer.

  • medmama uses priority boxes and loud only uses plain brown boxes so what do you mean

  • I always get a plain brown box with loud and the last few times with mama it’s been soft pack 1st class

  • I think it depends on what you order. If I order just a few refills, medmama will put it in first class, but if I add bud to it, they use priority. I’ve gotten only priority boxes, from loud, not always priority boxes, but priority on the label still.

  • Thanks y'all. I was just curious.

  • I used to work in a post office. First class and priority are the same thing. They both get tossed into the same big bin.

  • @groundscreeper my wife told me basically the same thing, she still works at the post office

  • @Highguy - You nailed it. MedMama's package was a soft sided bubble envelope, first class. Loud's was a brown box. Thanks y'all!

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