GSC genetics! A request

Not that there's been any lack of them in general, but I would just like to reiterate how well the GSC genetics work for me.. I would to see more Sunset, Dolato, Ice cream cake, or just plain GSC 's.. premiums if.possible..

Last one I had was the triple chocolate and it was amazing!! Just putting this out in the airwaves . Bring on the 🍪's!!!!


  • Should be seeing my blueberry muffin/ triple chocolate chip split pretty soon and got me amped for it now lol, this fruit punch looks amazing tho bout to give er a lil taste

  • Yeah the b.muffin was good.. but that triple chipple...wOooooOOo.. hope I get a little bit more (ordered close to when it got taken down)

  • Damn didn't even notice was gone musta just got taken down last like 24hr, well in that case really hope they read and did the split I requested on zip

  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Sunset Sherbert is the one I'm definitely waiting for. Hope you get some more Triple Chocolate. That stuff is just so damn good.

  • Right there with you @v32Finish. Any GSC genetics, especially sunset!! Didn’t like mamas sunset wax so hoping to get some flower in it 🤞🏻

  • That last outdoor batch of SS was so gooood..excellent for a good nights sleep..savored that one.

  • I like anything with GSC myself. @Rubygirl816 I like the high octane wax. It gives you enough to time to make to bed before it hits you 🤣

  • We’re running low on our Sunset Sherbet...we are down to the last few large buds and it’s making me nervous!🥺. I’d guess that over half of the strains I have are GSC related.

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