Vape battery settings

For those with a variable vape battery, what settings give the best effect without wasting product? I have a Smok AL85.


  • Best to start at lowest and work your way up until you get the clouds you find acceptable.

  • I assume you mean “temperature”. I personally start with about 380, and work my way up to 405 by the end of the session, which is the highest my vape will go (original DaVinci).

  • It depends, part_time. Some vaporizers, like the Volcano, let you adjust temperature. Others, especially the hand-held e-cigs, only let you adjust voltage.

    If temp, then I agree with your numbers. If voltage, I find our cartridges work best between 3.3 and 3.7v.

  • Thanks, good to know. On a related note, do you know if I could use a “diamond” in a vaporizer at the highest setting? Or do I need one of those torch lighters and a nail?

  • Variable o.pen, use lowest setting for sure.

  • Thank you! I found that 7.0W which equals about 3.7V according to my digital readout which is working great!

  • Hi part-time, the diamonds are basically just fancy shatter, so you can use them anywhere you can use shatter. If your vaporizer has an option to add concentrate, then you should be able to vape the diamonds, no problem!

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