Differences in Shrooms

So, I've done LSD before but I've never done shrooms. According to a friend of mine about 20 years my senior, the prices that @medman offers are stellar.

My questions are what is the difference between the golden teachers & Taj Mahal?

Which of those 2 offer the best quality high with regard to trip duration?

Also, what is the best way to store them & store them long term?

Finally, I heard sugar cuts down the trip duration, is that true?


  • The Taj Mahals will most likely be stronger than the Golden Teachers. They're different varieties of Psilocybin cubensis.

    Storage should be in a dry, cool place. They can be stored for several weeks with little loss in potency.

    I don't know about sugar, specifically, but an empty stomach is recommended.

  • Expect a shorter duration than the lsd trips. For me lsd is like 7-9hrs while fungi is more like 5-6. I also tend to get way more of an "ego death" on mushrooms than on lsd but that could just be my experience. The first time I tried mushrooms I had prior experience with lsd and was expecting kinda the same but I was not ready for it😄😄 scared me from the fungi for a long time! Came back to them after hearing paul stamets on JRE podcast and I knew I should try them one more time so I learned to identify them and found them myself. Now I like them more than the lsd.
    I have not had life changing thoughts/experiences on lsd but mushrooms for sure😁

  • I miss having the chance to use LSD. I unfortunately can no longer get it. It was great. No joke I was high for at least 48 hours continuously.

    What I'll probably end up doing is getting a little of both. Thanks for the help y'all.

  • This site used to offer lsd I dont know why they stopped

  • I hope that changes back.

  • lsd has helped my wife trimendiously with a lot of mental health issues it would be nice to have from reliable source that’s for sure! Me personally I love the hullucinigetics cause they do cure a lot other medicine can’t when tooken in rite doses!

  • It's an extra risk to offer these things, but I believe in the healing and holy powers of these magical natural spirits.

    I've considered the journey with the shrooms to sometimes follow their life path... going deep underground, breaking up and composting old energy... Good time to process old stuff. Then once enough nutrients from this are received, you can emerge in joyful radiance, fruiting upward towards the heavens in ecstatic elevation just like the shroom.

    LSD can be very healing as well, but can also rip people's psyche apart. It would make me feel a certain way to think that people used what I offered and had a hard time plus the risk is much higher.

    @PCT90 Taj might be a little stronger but not significantly. @georgetirebiter is right about storage.

  • Nicely said and I would not expect anyone to do something not comfortable cause I wouldn’t myself.. but would like to keep an eye out for some penis envy strain mushrooms they a must try for people who have not ever tried that strain before mush luv everyone!

  • @MerlinsMagic I’m enjoying your posts.

  • @MerlinsMagic george doesn’t come around anymore. He also posted good comments.

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    LSD is much more powerful and dangerous than shrooms. Having said that, I am the way I am today because of LSD and shrooms taken together about 30 years ago and I wouldn't want it any other way. I got to the point where I knew if I took LSD one more time, I would die and I never took it again.

    I have not once found anyone else who thinks like I do. It's like I have bullshit detector glasses on permanently now.

    People have no idea whatsoever how much reality is invented by people trying to control you. Just about all of it.

  • Correct^

  • Anyone tried the albino a+ that sometimes are on the menu??? They never stay up long. I have an eight and I'm curious how potent they are.

  • Mr4Sher yes I have tried albino A+ And they another good strain from the albino family’s and a good strain for starter’s to start growing but yes they are potent if your not a psyconaut I would do a gram wait an hr then eat more as you go cause remember can always eat more can never get back what already have eaten though and orange juice or lemon Tec will boos the effects as well

  • @leaf I didn't come by looking for mentions today. Just thought I'd look at the Medicineman menu for herb and shrooms. Good to see the shrooms are back. I left around the time MedMama left (not related, the decision to leave Medicineman!).

    I might come back for the shrooms! Am thinking about cultivating them, actually. Shrooms helped me diagnose my illness and I am forever grateful...

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