Need some premo sativa


  • Can you be more specific about the qualities you're looking for? Because we already have what are in my opinion at least, some very nice sativas.

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    I want a strong Indica dominant but like sativa and was looking at the mendo or indoor Gelato or some of the Royal king Louis 13th and there was another with a long name that looked good close to the king.
    Can anyone help me out?
    I really liked your Larry Bird/Gelato. The fire OG was good , not great. I’M looking for a couch locker. Thanks

  • ID Gelato from mama is fuckin amazing. First strain I’ve ordered more than once. Heavy hitter and tasty dank nugz.

    I’m smoking the mendo breath right now and it’s another head pounder. The Hindu Kush is good too. All are very heavy Indy though not much Sat imho.

    Gelato. Do it. Seriously.

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