Empty vape cartridges? ♻️

Where can we get the kind of vape cartridges they sell here? Anybody have a Quality source?

I just ordered some syringes for refils.

Can the vape carts i have from past orders be opened and re-used?

Thanks everyone.



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    Hamilton devices. they also send a little gift package with every order a lanyard refill syringe and a blunt tip needle that works perfect with med mama refills. the needle fits on the glass syringe.

  • Sprk are the ones I order. Can fill them a few times before they start getting funny. Cheap enough to just get another when they do.

  • I use the spark ceramic and the "honey stick oil recovery kit " when the cartridge starts to get weak. It has 3 different tips and 2 recovery syringes. I hope you find what you need. Good luck and Happy Holidays.

  • Ill second the SPRK carts...they are working great for me and are super cheap as well. They also give a heavy metal analysis on their carts.

  • My performance 510 from honey stick has been clogging on me

  • Ordered the sprk ceramic. Looks great and CHEAP! Thanks everyone! ❤️

  • Anyone reuse the stock carts that MM sells? Clean them first?

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    Sprk works great with granddaddy purple refil! 🥳💨💨💨 merry xmas to me!

  • Just got a free sprk with code freesprk

  • @MikeyC appreciate it bro just copped my free one

  • Yeah Boi!

  • Been using my sprk a lot. It’s been perfect.

  • @MikeyC got mine in bro and put some pineapple express distillate in it and 🔥 thanks for the heads up on the promo homie

  • I just ordered 2 more empty SPRKs.. now I gotta order some refills ☺️

  • I ordered a couple of the ceramic Sparks yesterday after some wonderful advice and recommendations on here. Now, I just need a few of the vape refills. Sadly the one that I had my eye on is now sold out and everything else that's left are sativa dominant. I avoid sativas like plague. So I'll just wait for now on ordering.

  • @LilWitchyGrl The description on here for WiFi Og says Sativa dominant, but when I Google it, there's about 5 indica dominant articles for one sativa dominant. I will say, it is pretty potent and puts my ass to sleep, so if you don't feel like waiting, it's a good refill.

  • @OneLove really that's some very interesting information. I'm going to have to do some little bit of research first on Wi-Fi OG but it might work as a substitute for what I really want which was sunset sherbet. Did you notice if it helped any with things like pain or anxiety?

  • @OneLove I went ahead and did it. I ordered refills of the wi-fi of. All of the research I found said it was an Indica dominant at a ratio of 60/40, and it sounds like the issues I have with sativas from anxiety and paranoia aren't usually present with this strain. Thank you so much for the suggestion I really appreciate it.

  • You're welcome. I'm very picky about my strains because of my anxiety too and I was pleasantly surprised with this one so hopefully you like it too @LilWitchyGrl

  • My avalanche white ceramic sprk cart came today which ordered simultaneously as ss refills more or less and impressed with everything so far and excited to fill and try when my filler finally arrives

  • @Vapedad78 dont forget, heat BOTH the syringe and the cart

  • Thanks @Rubygirl816 appreciate the heads up

  • Best advice ever @Rubygirl816! @Vapedad78 I can tell you all about the mess you make when you don’t heat up the target cart! Shit seizes up faster than molasses in January! I think I ended up tossing a cart out because it got so incredibly sticky all over the damn thing. Clogged up every damn thing!

  • Yeah makes since now that think about it, might try set up where the destination cart being held in something to keep warm

  • Got my SS refills just now, halfway expected to have measuring markers on side but looking forward to getting them warmed up and transferred so can test them and this ceramic cart, day definitely got a lot better now

  • @Rubygirl816 props the cart ordered same day got here early and and laid everything on counter in front hair dryer on low and went together lemon squeezy. I just got the promo free cart, guessing it's .5ml instead of .8-1.0ml ? but filled up and capped off extra in syringe. Cart smells wonderful but gotta wait till later to really text drive

  • @vapedad, yes definitely .5. I usually can fill jussssssst about 2 of those cartridges, with one syringe. Yeah just make sure it all dropped down to bottom and the coils are covered, your good to go.

  • @Zackarrry somebody else on here gave me the promo code! Share the love!

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