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A nice day-after-Christmas surprise...a nice drop of strains including some outdoor...finally! Everything looks interesting, but I went with the indicas ordering some outdoor Purple Kush and the Biscotti. Great strains @medmama, really looking to enjoy some quality outdoor cannabis. We hope you and your team had a great break!



  • First ever outdoor order 😱

  • I was wanting to try the runts GH

  • Always when i cant. Hopefully still aeound in 2 weeks when i can order again.

  • I hope the purple kush is still around Friday when I can order a half zip! I'll probably try the biscotti as well if it's still there.
    Pretty cool with the landrace sativa for those who like them, too.

  • @MigraineWarrior79 absolutely, this is a really balanced selection...from indica to sativa with some great choices in-between. I’m looking forward to trying the Biscotti...some GSC genetics we haven’t tried yet.

  • I’ve never tried the outdoor but I just got a a split oz of Cherry vortex and Biscotti. I’m hoping I’ll be okay with this quality

  • You're in for a treat

  • I bought a zip of Runtz! Super excited to try!

  • I tried to look up pics on the forum of outdoor but no luck. What do you usually prefer? Outdoor vs greenhouse vs indoor?

  • @kris10
    I think of indoor as better than greenhouse and greenhouse as better than outdoor. Indoor is always so crystally, no bugs and normally well fed. But I think it just comes down to protection from the elements.

    I ordered a split oz of the lemon crasher and biscotti. Such a reasonable price and good selection. I'm really excited for the biscotti especially. Ty med mama!

  • Taking a chance on some salami and requested split with lava fuel to test out but some interesting stuff on the list

  • @vapeda78 that salami og sounded interesting. I bet it'll be great. You gotta let us know

  • @liim oh gosh you got me freaked out now about bugs 😰has anyone ever seen any from MedicineMan?!

  • Bugs??? I've been buying outdoor strains from here for several years and I have yet to see a bug! @Kris10 quality/cost/value are all pretty subjective. I just want quality cannabis at a fair price. Some of the outdoor batches from here are at the top of my all-time favorites list. I care much more about affect and value than looks. I purchase based on strains that I'm interested in rather than whether it's discount, outdoor, greenhouse, indoor, or premium. I've never received a "bad" product from here, but all batches and strains are different. I ordered an ounce of both the outdoor Purple Kush and the Biscotti. Earlier in the week we received our premium Ice Cream Cake. Before that was some indoor. I'll also order "discount" and "smalls" if they're strains we enjoy. Sure, I've read a couple complaints here, but after almost three years and ordering more strains than I can remember, that has NEVER been my experience.

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    I have seen insects on outdoor and greenhouse from both shippers here. Rare but it will happen. Examine your product.

  • @kris10 I didn't mean to freak you out! Outdoor flower is awesome and I'm not worried at all about the quality of the outdoor zip I ordered. Its just not gonna be as frosty as some premium strain. I usually buy indoor cause its the middle of the road in prices but its nice to have all different kinds and strength. And sometimes a plant will just surprise you and be fly as fuck outdoor.

  • I love outdoor flower! Something special about it. The last batches of outdoor Gorilla Glue (Loud) and Sunset Sherbert (mama) were 💥. Couldn’t resist getting some Lemon Crasher. Not much info on it, but I’m thinking lemon kush or haze x wedding crasher? Hoping some pics show up, but I’m sure most of Mamas current menu is excellent. Biscotti and Runtz are both intriguing.

  • Should've pulled the trigger on the Biscotti since that's the one that intrigued me most.
    .I went ahead and got a small bit of the Ice Cream Cake x kush mints.... Dude the ice cream cake from Loud just game in yesterday and it's fucking amazing.. have never been disappointed with this strain, and it's been very very different all 3 times.

    This batch does have a sweetness in the exhale, but it's got a really strong garlic /green onion/ savory "food" kind of smell. Just fkn awesome..

    Looking forward to seeing Med mamas slightly diff version!!

  • @v32Finish agreed, the latest batch of premium Ice Cream Cake from LoudnCo is outstanding! I'm really looking forward to trying the Biscotti as I was intrigued as well.

  • @liim ohh okay haha that makes sense. I was high so got spooked 😂😂

  • I pulled the trigger on some outdoor lava fuel. Never tried any outdoor from this site. What to expect?

  • I got some outdoor that was indoor quality, I pulled the trigger on some purp and lemon also before it was all gone. You won’t be disappointed

  • @SlapThatBass thank you.i love outdoor strains seems to have a better taste if grown from someone that knows there stuff.i hope whoever grows it let it get to it's full potential

  • always on the lookout for outdoor Jaeger, outstanding from awhile back!... Also what may be my fav... "Blue Dream", shows up in any level it's a buy!

  • @TheProfessor i am looking forward the this outdoor! Thank you for your reassurance

  • @Kris10 me too! It’s been awhile since there’s been some outdoor that I really wanted or needed. I still worry some though...but until there’s a better long-term solution I’ll pull the trigger on anything that I find appealing. I’ve yet to be disappointed, so I’m expecting some good outdoor hopefully one day next week.

  • Man I want that Jaeger to come back, loved that stuff, I just ordered a half of Cherry Vortex, excited for that. I’ve had numerous outdoor strains and have never found any bugs, but if there were any they were all smoked lol

  • I 100% would rather smoke a bug than a pesticide filled flower.

  • Grabbed the purp and the Nepalese, I love the outdoors no matter what I know I'll be happy.

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