Hello I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations for vape cartridge, I got 2 this week from loud and it was nowhere what I expected.


  • I've heard that a few times. I get the refill syringes from Med Mama and I've been pleased every time. I JUST ordered a WiFi Og/Sunset Sherbert split myself about an hour ago. Price is better on the refills too for the same product. It's easy to transfer them into a refillable cartridge

  • Definitely try the medmama refills like @OneLove said. They are better all around. Can I ask which carts you tried @Mamatweet ? I tried the elevated in the package and they were terrible. Not even a buzz.

  • Another vote for refills. Have only tried the Pineapple Express and it was good.

  • Haven't tried the refills yet so got a ceramic sprk cart on way and giving sunset sherbet a shot

  • @Vapedad78 i just had the ss refill loved them bro

  • i gotta get some of those SS refills

  • @MoonMan5 that's awesome appreciate the info bro, know everyone raves bout ss and I haven't had a cart in months so decided to give this a go. They had free code for the ceramic cart and few bucks shipping cost so figured worth a shot

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    Order didn't get split, but just got the WiFi Og refills and they're official

  • I have to order some refills again. They are always good for back up for when you run out of bud.

  • @Rubygirl816 That's exactly why I ordered these because I'm waiting on late bud orders 🤣. I usually already have them as a backup for that reason but I was out. Never again.

  • Any recommendations on where to order new empty 1000mg/1g 510 carts with good quality for our refills?

  • @OneLove i hear that because I’m in the same boat right now, with no paddles, lol

  • @rasta0458 I'm waiting on a ceramic sprk cart someone on here recommended to try refills for first time, for some reason never tried before now

  • Spark carts work great in any form I've been using them exclusively for over 2 years now.

  • That's awesome to hear, excited to get it filled with sunshine and sherbet

  • Thank you for the advice I did order of kush in the refills the vape juice I got before was tko strawberry banana and tko king louie, they aren't the real tko brand and I knew that . I do have another question though
    I placed my order yesterday YEAH!!! I ordered the refills I also ordered some pre rolls and a sample pack well I went to the dentist today and due to years of smoking cigarettes and crap on Monday I have to see a surgeon to get my teeth removed and get a biopsy done and (finger's crossed 🤞 I get it by Saturday so I can try and relax before ) I won't be able smoke or vape how would I store it ?

  • @Mamatweet Boveda humidity control for the bud. Let the vape chill in a cool place and you good

  • I have never tried the vape refills, only the pre-filled carts. But the refills are a lot less expensive so my question is what do you guys put the refills into? I guess I'm looking for some recommendations or suggestions.

  • @Rubygirl816 those are really affordable and I like that they're all ceramic. Do you have a specific battery or pen that you like to use them with or can you just pick up any battery?

  • I use a cheap yucon uni most of the time, it’s my favorite

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    Or any old 510 battery is fine, I have a few of them but again, love my uni, has a preheat function on it too @LilWitchyGrl. Yes and they are cheap enough, if the start to clog, you can just chuck it and screw a new one on!

  • @Rubygirl816 I can't thank you enough for your help and advice with this. In the past I've always bought just a cheap battery and the disposable carts. I ordered two of the refillable carts you linked and I found a 50% off code for the same site and ended up ordering the pckt vrtcl for half price

  • I’ve been looking at the vertical, lol, @LilWitchyGrl, I think my husband will strangle me, if I order one more battery. No problem, enjoy!

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