Angel Cake Shatter

edited December 2020 in Product Reviews Off the bat I could smell it as soon I opened the envelope through the vacuum seal. The high seems to keep building. Its a great shatter consistency snaps off nice. After about 10 minutes feeling a numb forehead and knees. Really strong sour mango flavor, Pine and lemon, almost a faint sandalwood that lingers after you vape it. I took like 20 mins to write this somehow lol, it gets you super ripped in the calmest way possible. Speeds up your heart rate but at the same time its spacey and calm. Ill be interested to see how the high stacks when I vape more of it

Edit: Dang I almost forgot, Happy new year!



  • Awesome review! Thank you! Glad to hear Medjane is putting out good concentrates. I mainly stick with flower but will get concentrates for special occasions.

  • I just ordered this

  • Thanks for your review usually I have to try a strain b4 giving it to my wife "heart rate" not dangerous just uncomfortable. Your review saves me dinero and that's a buzz in its self. Thanks GL

  • Thanks all, its not super speedy but definitely lets you know your heart is there lol. I notice on the lower temperature hits you get that really sharp sour mango pine and higher temp you get more a sweet spicy cake flavor. In between you get a mix of all of those flavors

  • @GanjaLion Good look on the review. how would you compare it to the other shatters from MM or Loud? Same level?

  • Nice forgot I'd seen this but finally giving mj a shot on the angel cake, looking forward to it

  • nice, hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. @lifelong14 I didnt want to mention no names lol, but its better than the last premium wedding cake wax I got. I was able to smell it before even got it out of the vac seal. I wish they sold the angel cake flower too, must be fire

  • Based on this...I'm tempted to give her a try

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    I bought four grams of the crumble med Jane had on here. We received it on Xmas Eve and just finished it yesterday morning, and that’s including the container my cat grabbed and dumped playing with it. Only needed a couple tokes and I had a great head high and it made me extremely relaxed! Didn’t need too much and that’s why it lasted all week. I will definitely buy more concentrates from med Jane in the future. Had to get me some zookies first 😜

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    Oh and I gave about half gram away for an Xmas present to my in-laws and they loved it too

  • @MigraineWarrior79 yeah seen this and had forgotten lol but yeah pretty excited to try, grabbed 4 ac and couple ss refills plus had to try some apricot mimosa, good looking out appreciate the tag

  • @Rubygirl816 where did your medjane ship out of was it cali as well or ?

  • San Diego, CA

  • Ty @Rubygirl816 im thinking this is mamas then bc its 6 hrs from san Diego only 27 mins from san jose lol im stoned i looked up distance

  • I have a package, from mama, that left Milpitas to San Jose distribution center last night @MoonMan5 if that helps

  • Anybody had shatter can u tell how to use that because I was thinking of getting some because all the good reviews is it like a edible do u eat it and please forgive me if that was a dumb question I never had shatter lol

  • @Moochy its a concentrate bro smoked you can decarb it and make edibles though

  • @moochy a few easy ways is to smoke it sandwiched in between 2 layers of weed in a bowl or bong. Can smoke it on top a thick bed of ashes in a pipe to prevent it from dripping through. Look into dab rigs or vape pens too if you want a more efficient way of doing it.

  • Thanks guys I appreciate the advice @GanjaLion ur method sounds interesting I think I might try that get super high lmao 🤣

  • No problem @Moochy, haha nice hope it gets you super baked

  • Anybody else get their Angel Cake yet? Would love to hear more feedback_

  • I have some otw @LifeLong14. It should arrive soon...I'll let ya know

  • Still waiting shoulda been here by now

  • @Vapedad78 I agree. MJ shipping it out was a bit delayed. I think they ran out and got more. Maybe had to wait for new batch

  • @LifeLong14 that was the case bc i ordered angel cake and didnt see a label till they got more but mine says monday

  • Waiting on good amount all from same ticket though, shoulda seen least something from the 27th , thankfully very good friend dropped off couple nerd ropes last night, definitely grateful for that surprise

  • @Vapedad78 those Nerds ropes are the bizness! They definitely come through in the clutch

  • @LifeLong14 hell yeah, they were homemade locally but I ate half and gf took bite maybe quarter and we were both feeling really nice, definitely was clutch after a long day and kids party lol

  • Let’s take a slice of this sweet Angel Cake!

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