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Here is PK pics from Medmama. Beautiful nugs. Darkest bud I have ever had. I have 4 pictures. 2 of them have a small nug of the Indoor Ice Cream Cake from Loud to compare it with. I thought the ice cream cake was pretty purple when I first got it but this purple Kush is actually legit full purple. Quite a sight. First 2 pics with Purple kush only I was able to get a nice pic with the sunset shining on it just a min ago. You can tell the difference in trichomes from the indoor ice cream cake compared to outdoor purple kush in the 2nd two pics. Smells super piney and hashy. Like I would expect a hindu kush child to smell like. Its fantastic. 10\10 would recommend. Smooth. Grapey, Piney, Peaceful tokes. Great outdoor bud. I think will prefer this over all the indoor strains I got currently.

I toked a small bowl as I uploaded and typed this in my solo 2 vape on 365F. Very tasty to me. I love the hindu kush flavor. I feel calm and relaxed. I feel no sativa qualities and can think freely so far! It has been about 10-15 min since last toke. My body is sinking into a nice stone. Less pain. Dry mouth is apparent during this bowl because I am already dehydrated before drinking it. I love it. Glad I got a half. Its an outdoor gem. I got a 32 oz mason jar of water mixed with a table spoon of raw orange blossom honey to gulp down with my high and rehydrate, and that should fix the dry mouth. Hope you guys enjoy the beauty of this strain as much as me. <33



  • @Indicas Great pictures and review! I couldn’t agree more! This Purple Kush is another outdoor winner!

  • Whoa! Wish I'd grabbed some of that! Hope it comes around again

  • Thank you for the review. Great photos. Hate I missed the outdoor bunch.

  • @Indicas I noticed you mentioned a "solo 2 vape". I've never ventured into vaping, and have always assumed that was done with liquid/cartridges. Simple Googling shows that there are "dry-herb" vapes like "Pulsar APX 2 Dry Herb Vape" https://pulsarvaporizers.com/products/pulsar-apx-vape?variant=7430927417403# . I've always used a small bowl or dugout, but have been wanting to get away from the burning and into cleaner methods. Would you recommend the one I listed? And would you say vaping is the better way to consume? I'm always looking to improve. Are there any cons to it over just loading my bat?

  • Beautiful pictures! Appreciate the review as well. Stuff doesn't even look like outdoor. 😯

  • @OzBaxter Its all I smoke out of due to my medical conditions! And I wouldn't do it any other way. It helped my lungs out sooo much compared to smoking. I very rarely cough unless I just take a huge rip at a higher temp like 380-400F. I love the low temp of 350-360F which is the sweet spot for perfectly vaped flower.
    For me there are so many cons to smoking combustion vs vape that I dont think I will ever use a flame again. I overall feel healthier and better compared to burning. Id say try it out and see how you like it. Its a much cleaner high as well. I have also done all methods of using cannabis in my years. Vaping has been best for me.

    The vape you recommended looks like a good starter dry herb vape. Its got a ceramic bowl which is the heathiest compared to stainless steal or aluminum heating bowls. It can vape flower at a temp of 356F which is perfect. Flower starts combusting at 400F. So Id say it is a safe vape to try out!

    Also. A small improvement for burning flower when you do is to get a bees wax hemp wick roll and use that to light your bowls. You wont be inhaling any butane from lighters like that after letting the wick burn a few seconds.

    I also can not even burn anymore because it will make my conditions symptoms worse and out weigh the relaxing high. Dry herb vaping minimizes that cons for me from burning. I also react from any unflushed chemicals from indoor grows and react to any pesticides on flowers. It sucks but it helped me understand just how weed can effect people wit multiple chemical sensitivity like me.

  • @Indicas Thanks man! That's exactly the kind of details I was looking for on the subject. I read some reviews, and wound up buying the one you have (Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer) so that I can mimic your temp directions, etc. Once I get it and my Apricot Mimosa order, I'll let you know what I think (and probably hit you with a dozen other questions lol) Thank you again for all of your help!

  • @OzBaxter Arizer Solo II is a solid purchase. Congrats! It's really easy to use, and has been a game changer for me. Been using the same one now for almost 4 years.

  • I started vaping flower this past summer and vape probably 75% of the time now. I like the flavor and less strain on the lungs. That said, I still enjoy smoking a glass spoon pipe and use a small glass bong on occasion. We just turned my Father-in-Law onto vaping over Christmas...he loves it!

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    @OzBaxter Oh you can not go wrong with the Solo 2! Your going to love it. Been using mine everyday for years. I cant wait to hear how it goes with the first session using it. Ask questions to your hearts desire :smiley: Im glad to help.

    @ChunksEggo8187 +1 to the vape squad.

  • Another stain I ordered that hasn’t arrived 🙄🥵

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    I started vaping (dry herb) because I had to, for medical reasons. I quite enjoy it now. I've had to relearn how to "smoke.

    In today's news, Apricot mimosa sounds delightful. But is it worth it for a sativa-dominant "morning" weed? Hmmm...leaning towards no, and the indoor guava is too mysterious. Blueberry muffin always a winner BUT was hoping to avoid premium prices.

    This information will be obsolete by late morning...

  • Nice pic with the sunset upon it.

  • I also use the solo 2 and use it daily once you get used to it you will be amazed at how much you save. You can also save the abv to make edibles I’ve found my perfect temperature to be right around 392

  • Damn, I wouldn't mind trying or sampling that purple kush.

  • Got my oz. of purple kush yesterday. I enjoyed it. The only complaint is that the effect does not last very long. Bought it because I absolutely loved purple punch and hoping it was close to the same. I have a very very high tolerance, so looking for recommendations on an extremely potent strain.

  • @BudLover If you ever see a green house or indoor Gorilla glue #4 grab that. Stuff is very potent.

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    @BudLover it kinda depends on which particular menu is up.. and potency can vary greatly between batches.. but just for posterity, i will list some that I think have been really quite potent:
    (as well as a couple that i KNOW to be very potent flower, even if i have never gotten it from here )

    -Alaskan Thunderfk
    -Tahoe OG
    -Any other OG ( would love to see some premium, top shelf OGs come around here)
    -any Runtz strain
    -Sunset Sherbet / other Cookies strains (dolato, ice cream cake, triple choc chip, etc)

    so yeah... again, it's kinda hard to tell... for me, if we're talking about the current menu and if i was looking for potency alone, i would probably be ordering the premium Absinthe (satsuma OG x original glue) , or more likely, just waiting to see what Loud reups with next week. i ordered a little of the apricot mimosa, just because I don't have really anything in the way of good daytime herb.. so I'm hoping it comes thru & is a nice treat. i don't see anything else really that screams "potency" on the board right now; that being said, i do think that there are several that would probably surprise me. (guava, hippie crippler, blueberry muffins, etc)

    good luck!

  • @Indicas damn those are some nice nugs u so lucky bro those are so dark they look like they been rubbed in dirt or something I know those definitely treated u well I don’t even have to ask lol

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Thanks! I look forward to trying it out. Sounds like it's what I need, as at my age (47) it's good to evolve and adapt for my health

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    Got this today. 25 years smoking, never seen bud like this. Pics are accurate. Dark purple!!!!

    Also first outdoor purchase.

    In short it’s really good! Solid potent indica Much better than expected.
    It’s comparable in quality with indoor strains no question.

    Im not a fan of greenhouse strains but outdoor has officially got my approval. 🥳

  • @Joha thanks for sharing that I always stayed away from greenhouse and outdoor because I always figured they were low quality buds because the conditions they’re grown in but a OG smoker like u for 25 years sayin outdoor is ok now I know I can purchase some outdoor thanks I’m a still stay away from greenhouse tho lmao 🤣

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    I only adjusted the brightness and exposure a little bit on this photo 🤯

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    @Moochy I have nothing against greenhouse flower, its just that every time I’ve tried it there is just something “greenhousy?” About the high that just feels weird and uncomfortable to me. Your milage may vary 👍

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  • Damn was not expecting that kind of engulfing purple , berry niiiiice, wishing had jumped on some myself now

  • @Joha that looks like some purple I got back when I was in LA purple is common there and sold at a cheap price I was getting 8ths for like $45 there and it was some fire 🔥 they could sell it @ $60 maybe even $80 if they wanted to but it’s very common down there everybody I met had purple so I know how sedative it is I was getting the best sleep I ever had every night and eating at In and Out every night too because the munchies are severe with that strain I love it tho it’s one of my favorite weed strains in the market next to Sour Diesel and OG Kush lol

  • @Moochy Don't sleep on greenhouse or outdoor strains. You might miss out on some great strains at a good price. It all depends on the grower.

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