Grinder/storage options?

Howdy and Happy New Year!

Wondering if anyone has found an integrated large grinder and storage container that grinds into the ‘puck’ for easy grab and go use? I see Kannastor makes something for this purpose but reviews seem hit or miss plus it’s pricy. Any others I should be looking at?



  • @Reshi Was hoping to find some info here. I’m in the market for a new grinder too. Was looking at a slick cordless electric from Atman cuz my arthritis can be a bitch. They want $70 for one with a kief pot. The choices on amazon aren’t stellar. The hunt continues.

  • Have you looked at Diamond Grinders?

  • @justaguy I like that fixed-screen ergo model for ~$40 shipped. Can’t justify double the cost for the one with replaceable screens. The teeth generally wear out before the screens 🤷🏻‍♀️ Have you used these?

    Spent over 2 hours shopping last night. Couple observations:

    1. Lots of crap out there, too many choices, online reviews lie, designs seem to be discontinued after a year or two(?)
    2. Good grinders cost way more jack than I ever imagined or wanted to spend.
    3. The holes in most are just too large bore to create a good grind. But if too small they clog.
    4. Why do the manufactures seem to all love putting honking ugly logos on their gear? I like my stuff clean.

    I’ll give the search mission another go this weekend.

  • I have a nice grinder. Don't remember the name of it, but it cost like $60. Now, I never use it because I prefer using my fingers so I don't miss out on any of the crystals.

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    @funkynugz - I used to have a 3 chamber grinder from Diamond. It had 2 catch screens, the first was good for joint rolling, the second screen was good for pipe smoking. The 3rd was for the keif.

    I had to toss it into the ditch once to avoid the gestapo from finding it on me (along with my papers, rolling machine, and herb). A sad evening, but I didn't get caught. :wink:

    As for the crap out there, yeah there is. If folks would put as much energy in making a good product as they do in making the crap, everyone would benefit from it.

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    Thanks @justaguy, diamond is definitely on my short list. I saw some larger diameter sizes too for @Reshi

    Maybe a multi screen would be nice after all. Tho the wife was like NFW you’re spending 80 bucks on a new grinder when “yours works good enough.” 🙄

    (if she only knew what the coin for the herb was costing me 😇)

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    @funkynugz - I don't recall the exact price I paid for the grinder I mentioned, but it was somewhere around $40 bucks, that was in 2009. As for the costs, heh heh. Yup, my wife would have given me some grief too were she still alive, but I could always fix something like that by letting her go to bingo. :smiley:

  • Check out Platinum Grinders. I bought one about 5 years ago for $20 and it still works great. Love the grind and never clogs. Also has a screen at the bottom of the area where the ground herb falls. Some of the kief falls through the screen and collects below and you can use it as you please. Not the best grinder in the world, but the value is high. So am I...:-)

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    Pensimple is pretty neat. I had one up until I gave it away because I never used it. Not sure of capacity but it's a grinder, storage, & dispensing all from something that kinda similar to a pen with a hole for weed to fall through that's a little bigger than a nickle. I think I paid $50 for it direct from them or Amazon.

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    Well I got burnt out looking and just went with a 5-piece for $10 shipped that got lots of mostly good (IOW authentic) reviews. Plus it arrives tomorrow to my door, can’t ask for more. For now.

    Side note: funny how many people bought this to grind actual herbs or coffee beans. 😄

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    I found a decent cost effective solution that I’m pretty happy about.
    Got a $22 4-piece 2.5” Kozo paired with KANNASTOR GR8TR V2 Series Storage Puck. I remove the screen piece from the grinder and replace with my half puck and screw it back together. Decent fit and I brush off the excess around the rim and I’m done. I wish I could get different colored pucks for day/night differentiation but may have to keep an eye out for one besides black.
    But @funkynugz the puck is black with black emblem name on it - nice clean look and finish. I see Kozo sells another version with integrated glass storage for a little more $ but I wanted sleek and stealthy. 😎
    I prefer a hand crank style when my hands are hurting me so I might look down the road for a grinder for this purpose. The Kozo is smooth but not like butter so some manhandling might be in order. Nice grabbers on it makes it easy to hold and less likely to drop. All problems I’ve had with others. But it works.
    Seems 2.5” may accommodate the smaller puck idea I’m thinking, depending on how they are threaded and clearance space in the unit. Trial and error like most things in life I suppose.
    Happy grinding!!

  • @Reshi nice combo setup! I was looking at crank models as well but noticed many complaints about the crank arm breaking quickly, likely due to overfilling the grinder chamber I’m sure. My $10 dealio is ok. The holes are a little small, I may take a rat tail file and widen slightly and I haven’t seen the benefit yet of having two screen levels.

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