Blueberry Muffins

Just ordered this one. A question for those who tried it, how similar does it taste to Purple Punch? I got a batch a purple punch about a year or two ago, that really tasted like blueberry muffins or grape candy. Curious how similar is this strain, thanks!



  • I haven’t had the purple punch, waiting on the most recent batch, but the blueberry muffins literally tastes just like blueberry muffins!

  • I personally don't think the purple punch tastes like blueberry muffins but I can tell you blueberry muffins tastes EXACTLY like baked blueberry muffins lol. It's wild.

  • Dang if its that tasty, I better get the quartz vape spotless before it gets here. The pic looked fire you can tell, even with the not so great lighting lol

  • I had Blueberry Muffins Idk about it actually tasting or smelling like real blueberry muffins it just smelled and tasted like good weed to me but I do know it’s a good night time strain hits u well and prepares u for bed I recommend it for those who suffer from insomnia u won’t have a problem sleeping after smoking this lol

  • @Moochy thank you for that review! That’s exactly what I am looking for. I just ordered a split of blueberry muffin and apricot mimosa which I hope I get.

  • @mpou10 no prob hope it treats you well I got me some of that apricot mimosa too a 1/2 oz can’t wait to try that should be here tomorrow according to informed delivery but knowing USPS that could change to a much later date I seen it happen to me before lol

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    @Moochy you had the blueberry muffin from mm? This last time they had it? You must have gotten a different blueberry than us if you don’t think it tasted or smelled like blueberry!

  • There was a different blueberry strain up, at the time, I think the blueberry zkittlez. Could have been that strain? In any case, the blueberry muffin hit you in the face with smell, taste and feel!

  • Thanks all, ill put some pics up when I get it

  • @Rubygirl816 naw I think it was from loud but it was premium I didn’t smell no blueberry muffins I just smelled weed lol I got my order from mm the apricot mimosa u want to try that it’s like drinking a pot a coffee I wouldn’t recommend u try it at night if ur trying to sleep do it when u get up let it hit u early in the morning for best results I’m too high to type anymore sorry I had a free joint then a blunt now I’m doing some bowls I won’t be sleeping tonight it’s 5am I’m STILL up lol

  • @Rubygirl816 I think you're right ... I remember there was some Blueberry OG also. Every time I've ever gotten the blueberry muffin, it smells exactly like blueberries .. I would give it a try if you've never had it ! It's something else.

  • Same thing happened to me with the cotton candy strains. When I buy "cotton candy kush" from my local dealer it smells and tastes of the real thing you get from the carnival as a kid. But when I buy the cotton candy Kush this site sells, it just smells and tastes like really good weed but I get no actual cotton candy flavor.

  • In love this site but it's not top premium by no means its really good don't get me wrong

  • @Zackarrry, what's not top premium? The MedMamma Blueberry Muffin of 2020 was 100% premium, at least the stuff I received, which I got plenty of...and often.

  • @georgetirebiter yea @medmama never disappoints I been here ordering for 3 years now and every order I got from mm was always great not only that my ordered came less then a week which is pretty fast to me and I just got some apricot mimosa yesterday and it’s treating me well very well I might order another 2oz when I get the chance lol

  • @georgetirebiter all im saying bro is the bud on here is overhyped if you would actually get some real gas from a medical dispensary it blows th I s stuff out the water and I'm not being mean or rude or judgemental I love this site but it's not the best in America like people try to say it is

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    Here's the thing @Moochy, I'm ok with having an issue...some strains are mediocre, frankly. It happens. I even believe, personally, that MedMama sometimes "inflates" its indoor offerings to Premium when they don't deserve it. (Loud never does that, I feel...for what it's worth). Blueberry Muffin has been textbook Premium for a long time. So I must defend its honor and integrity!

    Also: I think MedMama's indoor selection is as good as anyone's. Hats off to them for doing it so consistently. Point is that no one's perfect.

  • I've been seeing multiple people in multiple legal states complaining about multiple stores so apparently they're not ALL selling gas but I've rarely if ever felt taken advantage of or felt over paid here, especially compared to complaints I'm constantly seeing in different reddit groups

  • Ok guys if you say so either way its not they big of a deal

  • @Zackarrry I'll take your word for it, at least in some states. The medical cannabis in Ohio isn't better than this site. Maybe some of it. Some of it is quite a bit inferior, in my experience. And it's all more expensive.

  • Beautiful perfectly cured buds. Smells like blueberry heaven. Taste the same vaping. Wonderful body high & gives me enough focus to veg out & enjoy whatever I'm doing. Love this type of stuff! Appreciate it @medmama

  • Nice!! @ChunksEggo8187 sweet lookin buds.. i really thought about grabbing some, since this batch looked really great . .that's hype

  • Very very nice @ChunksEggo8187 I wasn’t able to grab some this time. Enjoy!!

  • Purty nugz @ChunksEggo8187 good score!

    Ohio med weed is getting better but it still is ridiculously overpriced with huge profits lining the pockets of people who don’t give a shit about helping patients. Money grab all the way to the bank.

    Black market weed will always be an entity in the USA well after and if ever it goes “legal.”

  • @funkynugz i live next to Illinois which has legalized recreational but an eighth is 80 dollars after tax and you get no price break for buying more. I’m not paying over 300 dollars for a half I just am thankful to have found this site although you have to jump pretty fast now even with how quickly stuff flies off the menu it’s still nice to have choices and not deal with shady people on the street

  • Taxes 🤬

    In Cali some dispensaries need to charge up to 40% overall markup just to pay all the mouths eating at their pie. Further markup just to make some money.

    On my last trip to the left coast in 2019, total taxes passed to the consumer were around 32% (state, excise, business, sales taxes in Santa Cruz per my receipt) of purchase price which was voted in by the citizens of Cali. And...and the government reserves the right to increase the amount every 6 months!

    Legalization. Be careful what you wish for.

  • Those look delicious, somehow I got subbed even though the pic was up for like a week after I ordered lol. On a side not the Absinthe its coated like a moon rock, reminds me of the strain Sage n Sour. Has a really bitter, citrusy taste. Can feel the rush at the top of my head, its not bad. Wish I got the BB muffins though hehe

  • @funkynugz Thanks!
    @GanjaLion That's frustrating that you got subbed. Appreciate the pic of Absinthe! Looks great!

  • @ChunksEggo8187 Thanks, its the opposite of that sweetness from those muffins. Its really fire though, so I cant help but to like it lol

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