Purple Kush Review 💜🔮 with 🤯 pic

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I literally haven’t had eyes this red in a while!

Ok next holy mother of god look at that PURPLE BUD! 25 years smoking and I’ve never seen buds like that 🤯 They’re stunning ❤️

These buds are a prime candidate for a trip to the ol’ boveda 62 jar. About 12 hours in and they’re already breathing new life into themselves and me 🔥. Some day I’ll remember to take before and after shots. 🤯

My typical 1/4 gram bong hit is really doing it. Honestly if this was sold as indoor Id believe it. 🤯

I would be ALL OVER an indoor or premium version of this strain!!! 🥳🥳🥳 @medmama @LoudnCo this strain is insane 💖

I’m putting it up there with master kush, grandaddy purple and Frankenstein. It’s that kind of high. And it’s my favorite medicine.

Excellent pain reliever, calming, soothing, relaxing, deep, hard hitting smoothe physical high.
Calm and relieved mind and emotions.

A perfect Indica. No hint of sativa effects. None.

Effective Mood enhancer, i feel happier and more ready to chill and put on some of my favorite music or take a nap snuggled up to my partner. And lemme tell you my mood has been Shit sandwich lately. 🥳

Taste really is grape, very dark fruit. And pine. Awesome. Smells amazing. Looks amazing. I mean look at that pic!!! 👇👇



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  • No edits. Just different light. And cropped.

  • Great review! Thanks for the pics.

  • I just received my pk.and it is so dry I didn't even try it . I'm putting 2 boveda packs in with it and I'll check it again in 3 or 4 days and give a review. Dwelling Dry

  • Wow. The suspense is killing me. After long deliberation, I put in a split order of Apricot Mimosa and Blueberry Muffin. Hopefully there will be a nice balance between these three strains.

  • I'd LOVE to have some of this for this Thursday and the days after as I'm having shoulder surgery.
    But....I guess I'll just have to make due with Triangle Kush, hehe
    One day, it'll hopefully come back when I have the funds.

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    A couple of pictures of my pk I'm giving the boveda packs a couple of days then I'll do a review. https://i.postimg.cc/ydpbBWwV/20210104-162424.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/15qjhmMQ/20210104-162102.jpg

  • Oh man! It all looks sooo good! Totally jealous! LOL

  • Had no clue weed could look like that! Thanks for educating!

  • B E A utiful. Said in jim carrey voice

  • i KNEW i should've grabbed some of this at the time, but wasn't prudent.. hehe

    i have apricot mimosa on the way and (barring any crazy new additions) the mimosa will tide me over until Loud's next drop. but man... somehow i knew that purple kush would be a winner IF the bag appeal and quality was up to par.. hell yeah, glad to see yall got some good good indica medicine:)

  • Great Review!!

  • Boveda 62%

  • Like @MNTDWLER said it is dry. Don’t have the boveda packs, going to order them right away. Received the split like I asked though, thanks so much @medmama. I split the purple punch with lava fuel. Smoking the lava right now and I’m stoned already and can’t write anymore lol. Be back later

  • @Rubygirl816 I'm thinking this lava fuel is a hit.I got really stoned from it.the taste is wonderful. I love the great outdoors meds myself. It is very very dry I'm hoping it dont fall to dust before I hydrate it a little. Lol

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    O.k my buds are now rehydrated enough to try, my favorite way to sample weed is a simple joint. When I opened the bag
    I'm hit with a sweet berry smell with woodsy pine undertones and a earthy follow through. The dry hit is very sweet it puts me in mind of hard candy just not as sweet . That's as sweet as this little beast gets, upon the first draw the sweetest immediately turns peppery and earthy sweet, it hit me in the nose first . The high iis classic indica and that makes me happy happy happy for me this isn't only a nighttime strain for me it's a great wake and bake all day smoke. The high started as a very warm sensation flowing through my limbs and at my temple's settling behind my eyes " classic red eye" . This is a great smoke after some rehydrating and no doubt I will grab a 1/4 lb next time if for nothing else the WOW factor. Dwelling Stoned to the bone. 🤪💚https://i.postimg.cc/nhvSYcr0/20210105-150654.jpg

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  • Yeah they are and the smell is so sweet and intricate I really can't put my finger on exactly what I smell after the berries lol. I would love to get this when it's still sticky icky. As Wally says it's swell.👉💚👈😈🍀


    Enjoy, my friend! I'm definitely scooping some up when it makes a comeback.

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    Thanks my WARRIOR I just put my PK back with extra boveda packs in a med CV I'll check it in a couple of weeks. I will get some moisture in this batch even if it drains 10 62%er's lol . Even though it's dry I'm happy and with a little care the nugs will be a little better off all around for having come live with me 😎😈🍀🤪 Dry Dwelling.

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    @Kayla your right, the lava is DRY WOW. The buds are dense and heavy. I didn’t think it was a half to be honest, I went and weighed it lol. Just ordered some boveda packs. Still, I’m not unhappy in the least, great tasting , sweet, which I really like. Nice head high.

  • And LOVE the purple punch!! Just to add to everyone else’s posts!

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    That's cool, dry is dry and I weighed my Purple Kush it didn't feel like a oz I was wrong. I put mine away but not b4 one last picture https://i.postimg.cc/qqQJy5QB/20210106-150641.jpghttps://i.postimg.cc/NMH28Brs/20210106-150822.jpg

  • I Just got a big batch of this from MMM.

    It came very fast! 4 days!

    I haven’t tried it yet but it looks very similar to the batch I reviewed above. 🎉🎉🎉

    Bovedas are doing their thing…. More to come.

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