Question about how regularly certain strains appear on menu.

I am prone to the anxiety and paranoia that comes with certain strains, so when new strains appear on the menu I do research to make sure that potential flower won't induce such adverse side effects for daytime/social use. I have found quite a few that I can smoke in social settings that are perfect for me but I was just wondering how often these strains rotate onto the menu. Are they something that show up once in a blue moon or rather frequent. I really like Space Queen and have been waiting for more but it feels like its been awhile. Others include: Sundae Driver, MAC, Blue Dream, Pineapple Express, and JH. I have heard Mandarin Cookies is a good one for what I am looking for as well but have not seen it as of yet here.

Also, if anyone has any other recommendations of strains that frequently appear here that may work for me, I am open to suggestions. For daytime use I look for strains that have effects of uplifting, social, happy, etc while avoiding negatives such as excessive dizziness, headaches, anxiety and paranoia. I also like to buy some strains for day that are entergetic (for morning use) and others that aren't as energizing (for mid-late afternoon) that I can use and won't keep me up all night but at the same time I can enjoy without being sedated (I find Sundae Driver works well with this, so anything comparable to that?).


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    Read the comments on reviews of heavy indicas. Look for @TheProfessor and get what he's having. (Seriously, do it.)

    I say this because he's doing the same thing, I think, solving your problem which is...consistency. You won't get it, at least looking for one or even several strain names. Just jump on the prof's information train and take it easy.

  • I personally love GSC related strains for what you're looking for... I find that even within the same strain name, there's a wide variation in effect due to phenotypic variation . For instance, the first 2 batches of Dolato had a very 50/50 hybrid feeling .. I had no issue smoking those before work, for example. This latest batch feels more like a 70/30 indica and I can NOT smoke this one before work.

    I guess I said all that to say that .. even with strain names, sometimes it can be a crap shoot. That being said, I'll give some recommendations , just know that .. it's not a guarantee! (Depends greatly on how the strain was bred and whether it was bred for stability, and how many phenos, etc)

    -GSC / Dolato / sunset sherbet / Gelato
    -white widow / white rhino
    -silver haze / super s.h.

    There are a few, and there are others I would recommend, but .. I will give you my #1 pick , from the recent strains:. Ice Cream Cake , from Loud .

    This bud was very uplifting, clear headed , energetic, and settled into a nice sedation without being couch-lock-ie. Ice cream cake has 100% moved onto my "must buy" list and is my current favorite daytime strain.

    I also agree with George .. @TheProfessor is a great source of wisdom around these parts & I def don't think you'd go wrong with his recommendations! I think you just have to go with your gut . Find out where the Genetics income from, of your fave strains, and then be in the lookout for others that may be "cousins".

    Good luck!!

  • @georgetirebiter and @v32Finish - thank you gentlemen! I do love (and need) my indica! @NOLA504 I am prone to anxiety and panic attacks...all the time! It's not how I've always been, but a massive panic attack a few years ago changed everything. Being reintroduced to cannabis by a friend, then finding MM has been a Godsend! I am very sensitive to sativas and any strain (sativa leaning hybrids and even some indica) that tends to provide any cerebral stimulation. "I wanna be sedated!" My general problem is too much mental stimulation, so it's all indica and indica leaning hybrids for me. I need mental relaxation and clarity so I've done a lot of research and a lot of experimentation with strains that can get me through the day.

    You mentioned some great strains, but I couldn't touch Space Queen, JH, PE, or Blue Dream. Just thinking about it...(time for another hit of my Wedding Cake layered with a little Triple Chocolate Chip Kief)...! Now, that Sundae Driver...that's some fine morning and daytime cannabis, and one of the 50/50 hybrids that likes me. I find it definitely leans indica, probably the Grape Pie (Cherry Pie) genetics. Like @v32Finish, I have a very strong affection for most GSC based strains. I have a lot of GSC based strains for different times of the day. Variations on the same theme with different aromas, tastes, and highs. Most came from MM, but I also supplement with OH medical cannabis (which is much more expensive, and IMHO is not "better" medicine). My favorite weekend wake-n-bake is Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip) but I haven't seen it here yet. I'm also really enjoying the new outdoor Biscotti from @medmama! I haven't reviewed it much and I haven't seen anyone else write about it, but it's fantastic! It could be this batch, it's the first I've had of this strain, but it's perfect any time of day and provides instant anxiety relief without over sedation! It's right at the top of my favorites list with Sunset Sherbet and Gelato! I also really enjoy Wedding Cake and Layer Cake, and the most recent Ice Cream Cake is an evening wonder!

    Although they're totally different phenotypes altogether, you might find great anytime of day relief with Donkey Butter (got two oz from MM this summer...LOVED IT!) and Blueberry Muffins (@georgetirebiter you are spot on about the last batch!), and come evening some Frankenstein or Skywalker OG. When it's time for bed the Kush/OGs tend to come out. I've had Skywalker OG in the past that has knocked me out, as has Blackberry Kush. My current sleep favorites are the Royal Kush from this summer (ground my last 3.5g bud last night), the latest outdoor Purple Kush (which is indeed phenomenal), Grape Ape, and some Platinum OG from my local dispensary. Other really good indica strains that have been on the menu here before include 5th Element, Pure OG, Tahoe OG, and Purple Urkle. I won't pass on any of those if they pop up again!

    Obviously, I really like variety and like many of us, take our medicine pretty seriously. It's taken quite awhile and budgeting effectively to build up my medicine cabinet like I wanted. I'm currently satisfied...until the next perfect sounding, best value, or favorite strain pops up on the menu again! Then, I'll have to make another order. As always, thanks @medicineman!

  • Oh hell I think I'm going to have to start following the professor's reviews. I am another one of those people who can't touch anything sativa or sativa dominant because it causes anxiety and paranoia. I'm an Indica all day everyday kind of girl.

  • Thanks guys for all the great feedback! @georgetirebiter, I like the indica but just have always felt that they kind of make it so im not as productive as id like so usually use those before bed when im trying to get to sleep.

    @v32Finish yes! completely forgot about XJ, That one treats me very well. Gives a good uplifting feeling without making me anxious or paranoid and no headaches. It also allows me to be very productive and functional during the day. Will deff try out your other recommendations as well as I see them appear.

    @TheProfessor, it's not that I have anxiety and such when im not smoking, just that sometimes when I smoke certain strains they cause me to get anxious, paranoid, etc. It makes it hard to be with friends and they want me to try something they newly obtained. I get worried it'll have ill effects on me. For example, about a month ago a buddy had a load of GG4 and really wanted to get my input on it. I hesitantly gave it a go, and I was out of commission the remainder of the evening when the night was still quite young. While this post was mainly about finding strains that agree with me in a morning/afternoon daytime setting, I do suffer from HORRIBLE insomnia and have shoulder pain that often makes it hard to get and to stay asleep. I have found a few strains that help. One being the Blackberry you spoke of with the other two being Bubba Kush and Frankenstein. I will deff. look at your other recommendations in regards for sleepy strains going forward as well. Thanks again for all the info! I try doing my due diligence and research on WikiLeaf, Leafly, and what not, but sometimes its helpfully getting first person feed back.

  • @LilWitchyGrl yeah I avoid them for the most part but find the indicas usually knock me out. What have you found in the way of indica that you can enjoy during the day that doesn't put you into sleep-mode? Would be willing to give almost any recommendation a shot. And hell, if it knocks me out too much, I can always use it for my insomnia and shoulder pain.

    I try and stay away from most pure sativa though found a few that are suitable for me that don't cause paranoia, anxiety, et al (Jack Herer, and the previously listed sativa leaning hybrids). When I first got into this, I started by mixing my own ratios of THC:CBD and gradually kept decreasing the CBD each week or so to where I am rarely mixing CBD in now. When mixing the CBD I noticed two things:

    1. The CBD counter acted many of the ill side effects from THC while I had an extremely low tolerance (I've read that the CBD binds to the receptors to block the ill adveresed THC effects that had bothered me in the past but still give me the buzzy high I was looking for).

    2. My bud lasted longer

  • @NOLA504 I'm with you on the insomnia. It's terrible. That is the one area where I cannot afford to run out. I won't do sleep meds anymore. It's cannabis at bedtime and sometimes in the middle of the night to get back to sleep, but it's much better than pills. I've found Bubba to be good as well! The last batch of Frank is awesome, but just doesn't knock me out. Flower doesn't last long on the menu around here so I'd rather research, as you do, and take a chance with at least an ounce, rather than getting a 1/8th or sample to try, only to have it gone the next day. The great chase for cannabis! Here's to cannabis and sleep my friend! May we always have as much as we need.

  • @TheProfessor yeah I didnt find that the Frank put me out in the same way that the Bubba or Blackberry did either. I do enjoy it for when im laying in bed, trying to get tired but want to finish a movie/show first. I can usually vape a bit of Frank then im relaxed and more "ready" for sleep. But then if I need to, ill hit either the Bubba or Blackberry for a final KO punch. Also have recently tried NL#5 in cart form. It knocks me out pretty well too.

  • @TheProfessor i saw that loud had jager you raved about in several posts so I jumped on a half

  • @Neverenoughsleep yep...saw it a little while's going to go fast! :wink: Enjoy!

  • @NOLA504 Funny...I could have written your last include the NL Cart. Lol. I also rotate some Platinum OG and Grape Ape carts that also do the trick. Think I'll start with some Purple Kush tonight!

  • For me personally nine lb hammer has always been one of the best strains I’ve found for knocking me out and getting some sleep

  • @TheProfessor yeah I missed the purple kush when it was just out. Sounded good for sleep so glad to hear its as good as it sounded. Will jump next time along with some of the other recs yall gave.

  • @Neverenoughsleep I've heard great things about 9lb Hammer, just haven't had the opportunity to try it yet. It's definitely one that I want to try.

  • I have been using this website to compare strains that are recommended by y'all and folks around here to the strains I currently smoke to see which ones are similar and may give similar effects and it has been useful. Only wish they had more strains on their database.

  • To the OP's initial question...I don't think there is any established pattern of when strains are offered....doesn't appear to be any set cycle...

  • @Good2Go yeah I am seeing that could be the case. Will just keep a keen eye out for the ones I enjoy and for the ones others are suggesting. Did some research and sounds like the recommendations I was given may really hit the sweet spot I am looking for.

  • I don't know that I've ever seen a pattern.

  • Thanks for sharing @NOLA504 I’ve been looking for a place like this to research

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