Dry Herb Vapes

Would anyone care to expound on the use of dry herb vapes? Have always been a bowl person, and my curiosity is piqued. Thanks!


  • I have a flight box 📦 it’s ok I wish I could find a dry herb vape that would put out more vapor exhale. I feel like I am pulling on my flight box with lack luster vapor results

  • I love mine, I have a sutra dry vape comes with attachment so you can also smoke considerate. It’s perfect I take it with me to concerts, parties anywhere that you want to smoke and not have it smell. I got my sutra years ago and still works perfectly.

  • I have a PAX3 and a Mighty. Love them both, but I use the PAX most of the time, and for concentrates as well. I still like my little glass spoon and bong, but I vape more often than smoke...it’s easier on the lungs and provides a great all-around experience.

  • I agree I enjoy vaping more than using bowls or joints. The taste is much better with no harshness and it is much more efficient in my opinion I believe I use at least fifty percent less so a good vape does pay for itself

  • I have both arizer eq and the solo 2 both are great products. The EQ is selling for $112 @ https// vapospy.com. DDave makes a good concentrate attachment for the EQ with shipping $20. I hope you find what works best for you.

  • I love mine! I have a magnum3 with a water bubbler attachment as well as a Titanic with a water bubbler attachment. It’s a cleaner way to smoke IMPO. Plus my bud lasts longer.

  • Thanks for all your input!!

  • I’ve got an older Vapir. It’s like a handheld volcano, you can even use turkey bags. Also have a PAX3.

    TBH I find the whole flower vaping routine to be overly tedious and rarely use the vapir or PAX or the couple other dry vapes I have much anymore.

  • I just find it easier on my lungs when I use mine with my #10 Bubbler. The fan assist and the fact that I can load it with a dab in the middle and have it ready at 3AM when I need it. Smoking is the ritual you pick and enjoy the most that leaves you Stoned and satisfied and the green god glorified lol. DWELLER 🐍

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