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I've got a birthday coming up on 1/18 & I'm considering getting an ounce of whatever product in the shroom category catches my eye.

Anyway, I realize this might be a difficult question to answer accurately so an estimate is cool too. If the final destination for the package is southwest Ohio, won't say where for privacy, what is the latest date I need to place the order to have it delivered by 1/18?

Oh, and do you guys ship stuff on weekends or just M-F?


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    You’ll want to order now. I live in central Ohio and shit has been moving really slowly through the goose. Seems to be catching up but my average was around 7 days from the left coast at least until the USPS crashed. My “holiday” order from dec 11th took 18 days. YMMV.

    Do it now to be safe, no control over packages by the shippers once they hit the drop boxes. You’ll want to spend an hour or so reading past threads. Make sure you got your Bitcoin act together too, it can be daunting 😉

  • SW OH as well...agree with @funkynugz...don’t wait! Shipping times seem to be getting better but there still seems to be a lot taking 10+ days.

  • It'll be easier once I get my touch screen Trezor. I've messed around with BTC since 2009-2010. I was telling someone else, years ago I had a laptop that had a hard drive with a wallet that had 100,000 BTC on it. But while I was at work my girlfriend at the time (and who later became my fiancee up until she & my unborn son died when she died of cystic fibrosis) got distracted frying chicken causing a fire to break out which she tried to extinguish with water. Anyway, home & laptop were destroyed, even had techs at my local FBI office look into saving the data. No such luck. But I'm thankful my girlfriend & my nephew made it out alive. Since she had CF, I didn't see it but for a woman only walking a few steps before needing to catch her breath, her adrenaline levels must have been off the charts. Anyway, I'll get that out ASAP. Thank you.

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    Can't wait...By the way, for folks that saw my little outburst before I edited the comment. I had just woken up & apparently I'm one of those people that need to get high before trying to accomplish anything causing me to have to think. Like people & coffee but with weed.

  • @PCT90 it doesn't matter the usd as long as you send the 0.005965 exactly

  • Oh ok. Thanks, Kayla.

  • Awesome. Thank you, Kayla. Got my order in.

  • Missed the outburst.

    Now I’m curious 🤔

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    I got publicly irritated because the amount of the transaction I eventually made was being shown to be $1 less than my order + shipping in USD. And basically said fuck it & that I was gonna go down the street for an 8-ball. But then Kayla reminded me it's the amount in BTC that matters. Which I had forgotten because it's been years since I've made a purchase (homelessness & a few voluntary commitments for PTSD from 2012-2019).

    Glad I ran into that problem with the amount being $1 less, I learned 2 things from this, it's the amount in BTC that matters & I shouldn't do anything requiring more than a basic level of thought process before I've had my morning toke because I basically turn into the type of person that turns into a grouchy jerk without coffee but in my case THC

  • We’ve all been there.
    Welcome to the site 👍

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    @funkynugz thank you but, I've actually used the site on & off since they opened in 2013. I simply forgot that the BTC amount was what I needed to keep my eye on.

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